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October 6, 2013


We are pleased to inform you…

That your manuscript… has been accepted!

Bam! I did it! With the stress of graduate school applications looming nearby, I’ve been working overtime – editing papers, searching professors, working on my statement of purpose, and keeping up with my other classes. But finally, some of the hard work is showing. I just got one paper accepted for publication that I wrote this summer; I have another one being reviewed by a professor before I submit it, and I have three more papers in the work to be published quite soon for a special issue I’m the series editor of for our lab at school.

Because, that’s what Clark offers you. If you want the chance to do great things, all you have to do is look for it and put your mind to it. I went to Luxembourg because of the generous support of the Henry J. Lier Luxembourg program, the LEEP Scholars program, and the University of Luxembourg all helped me get to Luxembourg.

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Clark also has provided me with opportunities to fly out to Chile, and this year it’s Brazil and Denmark (and possibly Netherlands?).

We pride ourselves being a global school – 11% International students is really something to be proud of. But moreso than that, we also have the capabilities to find connections and meet people internationally as well. Whether that’s study abroad (which everyone, including my suitemate, Olivia, is getting their acceptance letters to, CONGRATS!) or conferences, where we meet people, connections happen.

So, while everyone is excited about this publication I got, I’m more excited for my next three. The next three also include two other papers from two other students, plus three academics – from Portugal, Brazil, and Norway – commenting on OUR work! It’s not that we’re writing about how they’re awesome and really intelligent, it’s how THEY’RE writing about how OUR ideas are extremely interesting. My professor wrote the preface, and he states in there, summarizing, sorry, that “We have the honor to challenge convention because no one yet takes us as seriously as they should.” And in the real world, that’s probably true. We’re just undergraduates. We don’t know enough. But at Clark – we are! I present with graduate students. I debate with professors. I travel across the world (and New England) representing Clark. We challenge convention by just simply being Clarkies.

And that’s what’s important to me. Yes, I get the publications, I get the chance to get into graduate school, my work maybe said something interesting — but I challenged convention. And Clark gave me the tools and supplies needed to do it.

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  1. Stefanie Gough
    Oct 6 2013

    Congrats!! Also: BERLIN PICTUREEEE :D

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