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September 19, 2013


Dancing the world away

A little different style here, but I wanted to try and see how I like just posting a lot of pictures and kind of bouncing off of interesting ones.

So, I do Ballroom Dancing. I started my first year and became Assistant Captain my second semester at Clark, and after my third I had become Captain. Ballroom is a sport (club) (team) (we’re not really sure what we are) that you can go far if you’re dedicated to it.

I’ve had a few partners, (three) including Michelle and Jenna, two of my best friends.

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The cool thing about dancing – is that you understand people so much more through dancing with them. It’s hard to explain – but if I need to take a step forward, I need to explain that to my partner through my movements and at the same time feeling what she thinks I want to do – and then messing up, doing something wrong, and laughing about it. You gain a connection – both through body and mind – and learn

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 The club is really growing. We’ve upped our attendance by 200% and are really pushing our membership of both the club and team. We host classes for both Clark (the first three) and coaches who come in to teach the team (last two).

  734050_10151679879783181_1496700455_n  1231669_10151679880128181_474434494_n 524518_10151679881288181_673101216_n

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 And recently, I just got new pants! It sounds like a strange thing to be excited about, but they look super cool and make my torso look funny. Also, major wedgie.


Ballroom is just this really unique skill that is a cool thing to learn as you try and “become an adult” (when does that happen?). And it’s a nice way to get to know a new you and a new skill. And hey, dancing with beautiful people isn’t so bad either. And using the really cool new dance space!

1176187_10151663912343181_2109290938_n (1)

Sorry, I keep trying to end it, and thinking of another final word – in the end, Ballroom becomes a family to you. It goes along  a little with understanding people more than you thought you could, but then beyond that, you all share this really special, unique, and strange interest. It’s something not many of us could say we knew going in we wanted to try, but it’s something all of us know going out that changed us for the better. Through the pain, tears, laughs, and joys, through the long nights and the early mornings, we stuck through it all together, and found a family.


  1. Seth
    Sep 19 2013

    Great post, Kevin! But be careful-after that feast in the last pic you may not be able to fit into those torso-obscuring pants.

    • Kevin Carriere
      Sep 26 2013

      Hahaha, it’s true! I’m quite worried about them forever fitting… especially with their cost! O_O

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