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September 12, 2013

Dealing with dirty laundry.

College is… learning experiences. And I think the best way for me to discuss learning experiences is through laundry.

Dirty Clothes

First thing first is the dirty clothes. At first it’s just small things – socks, underwear, undershirts – maybe a t-shirt with a stain on them. Nothing too serious. But instead of keeping on top of your laundry, you let your problems (and homework!) pile up. You fall behind on laundry deadlines, and the washers become busy every time you need to use them. So you think, it’s okay, I don’t need to do laundry this week anyway — I’ll just email the professor next week. And then, eventually, after letting those piles pile up and up, it starts to overflow.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.16.24 AM

My basic schedule — finding time to do work and keep on top of things is hard enough already. Procrastination? SO much worse..

For me, I was behind on my work. I let it pile up, and never attacked the problem at hand, avoiding the emails I needed to send to discuss my difficulties. When the time came to finally deal with it, the professors were busy (with students, their own work, their classes, etc.) and I was left with a lot of laundry and no place to wash it. Due to my own procrastination, I found myself struggling with Honors – and with good reason. Clark expects a high level of caliber for their Honors students, which means they require you have an advisor on campus — and through my procrastination and uncertainty, had found myself without one – and needing to find one quickly.

Finally getting a washer — and forgetting your detergent

bread-line-nycFinally, you decide to do your laundry – because you’re not willing to go with the inside out underwear strategy. You look over and you see a door open as some laundry is taken out! Perfect! You throw all your laundry inside, slam the door shut, shout VICTORY!!!!! until you realize that your detergent is upstairs, and there’s a line of impatient people who would rather just slip it in ahead of you than wait for you to come back with the soap.

I had a meeting with the head of the Honors program, and he was very, very nice to me. He was very understanding of the situation, and really wanted me to succeed. After much discussion on the pros and cons of off-campus advising, I was left with one of three options: (1) find an advisor at Clark (Manageable!); (2) travel out of the country and hang out in Denmark with my advisor for a few months (SWEET!); (3) do not continue with Honors. (Boo).

Drying Your Clothes – Here’s to hoping they don’t shrink

But in the end, you figure out that laundry isn’t so bad, and you throw them into the dryer and turn it up on high, because, let’s be honest -they are soaking wet right now (and not in your tears!).

There might be light at the end of my tunnel — My off-campus advisor has invited me to stay in Denmark for two months to mediate the “ON-SITE” advisor issue — and there are two potential hopes for advisors who might be willing to take me on. One has already recognized the gravity of the situation and wants to meet with me to work on my project!! In the end, with some determination, fiddling of the buttons, and asking someone to help you figure out where to put the detergent – everything works out and your clothes come out clean.


Except for that spaghetti stain on your white shirt. Seriously, what were you thinking? Ah well, even then, you learn never to wear white when a food fight is probable.


Old time photo found here

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