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September 1, 2013

First week? First taste!

The only negative I heard about when applying to Clark was the food. Three years later, I’m still trying to understand what they’re talking about.


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I currently live in apartment style housing, so I have my own kitchen. But even as a senior, I have decided to stay on the meal plan, but working my way off of it. There are a lot of different options regarding how you want to structure your meals. And for me, having the flexibility of the 100 Meals / $550 dollars was important, and even more so now — but first, I just want to review the two choices.

Clark has two dining options on campus, Higgins Cafe and The Bistro.  

Higgins is our main dining hall, providing an all-you-can-eat option (open from 8AM to 8PM) and I’ve talked before about how friendly  they are at their to-order eggs and omelets. The Bistro is more catered to a take-out, grill section, with burgers, an international station, sushi, and paninis.

See, Clark, above everything, is extremely receptive to current needs. There are a lot of vegans and vegetarians on campus, and we recently extended to having both Gluten-Free sections as well as Kosher sections. They can provide for any need. Recently, I have discovered I may be gluten-intolerant (getting tested soon), but in the mean time, I’ve decided it would be best to play it safe and remain gluten free. I was nervous to go to school – but Clark DELIVERED.

So, for those who don’t know, wheat actually is super important. It tastes gooood. So, to lose wheat (and other gluten products) it’s quite a hit. At Higgins, they mark everything they offer as gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and shellfish and peanut allergy warnings. At the Bistro, they make sure to have a separate fryer for their fries, and offer gluten free bread, burgers, and wraps. And the best part is – IT TASTES GOOD!

After that burger was done, I went up to the manager of the Bistro (her name is Melissa, and she’s extremely nice) and I thanked her for being so awesome and that the burger was very good. I had actually not ordered the fries, thinking that they were fried together, but the chef had heard my discussion and gave me the fries for free with the promise that they have their own fryer. FREE FRIES!

And I think that’s the attitude of all of dining services – they listen. Whether that’s the suggestion board at Higgins, comments from students, or just conversations around the tables – they hear what we need, what we like, and what we don’t like. While I’m still attempting to figure out how to properly freeze meats and vegetables (and make them edible), Dining Services has allowed me to still be social, have time with friends, and enjoy good food without stressing over if it is safe for me to eat.

But seriously how does chicken become a frozen rock of nothing in three days?

But seriously how does chicken become a frozen rock of nothing in three days?


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And when in doubt, there’s Living Earth near by with a ton of options.

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