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April 23, 2013

The Season is Ripe for Blooooddddd

The weather is beautiful Worcester weather. The sun is out at 2PM, making you wish you had put on shorts, and the cold comes around 6PM, making you wish you wore jeans. You see the students bathing in the sun, throwing frisbees, shooting nerf guns at other students while sprinting inside the nearest building….. wait, what?

Ahhh, yes. With the new season comes the second season of Humans vs. Zombies. Hosted by SPOC, one student starts out as the “Patient 0″ and they have twenty four hours to tag as many people wearing orange bandanas on their arms as they can. Patient 0 doesn’t need to let themselves be known either. Once a zombie, (and for patient 0, after 24 hours), all zombies move their bandanas around their head. Tagging can only happen outside of buildings and each human needs to check in at our University Center at least once per day. Humans carry nerf guns and can “stun” Zombies for 15 minutes at a time, in which they drop their headband around their neck and are unable to tag. After 6 days, if there are any humans alive, humans win. Otherwise, zombies win.


It’s definitely a Clark thing, and more than one tour group noticed throughout the week and asked why students were chasing other students.

Beyond that though, the season is ripe for blood in the sense that finals is starting to approach. Nights are getting later, coffee intake is increasing, and the AC and library are filling up faster and more frequently. Also the gym is packed as students try and burn out their stress through burning out their calories. It’s not all for nothing – this weekend was also huge for final performances – Varient Dance Troupe had their final performance, The Clark Bars performed, Salsa Encendida had a dance, as did Ballroom Dance. Holi had their event hosted by SASA (South Asian Student Association). Executive Boards are being changed over as the seniors step down and pass the torch to the younger leaders, and the student body is preparing for Academic Spree Day, where all the students get together and present all the work they’ve done over the semester or year.


It’s been a crazy few weeks, and the stress will only continue! Until next week! I’m going to start a series about how to handle college life — how to interact with professors, what are essentials to bring that you might not think of, etc. If you have specific questions, let me know!

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