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April 15, 2013

Teach Me how to Spree

So, yesterday was Clark’s highly anticipated “Spree Day.” It’s been a long tradition. Myth has it that a President in the 70′s thought it was such a nice day out that he cancelled classes and let it be a free day of no classes and just hanging out on the green. Fast forward 40 years, Spree Day is still alive and kicking. They do their best to make it a surprise, but everyone always knows when it’s happening — the professors kind of have to re-schedule their exams and whatnot to fit it in.

But enough about what Spree Day is, and more about what Spree Day means to me!

Spree Day is  everything about Clark – and it defines your college career. Let’s start at the beginning of the day.

Big Prize Bingo: 9AM-10:15AM


Clarkies! The guy in the middle won an iPad Mini!

Bingo is…. well it’s the gamble, right? It’s the chance that you’ll love the school you go to. There are thousands of cards (schools) out in play, but only one is really going to be teh winner and get the big prize. Of course, you might only want to win on certain rounds: iPads (the Prestige of the school); Kindles (The academic side of the school) or the plane flight tickets (The study abroad opportunities!). There’s a ton of different prizes you can get depending on what card you pick. And even if you don’t get the winning card, it’s still fun being around friends you know and seeing how close they get.

Mechanical Bull and Jello Wrestling and Color Wars: 11AM

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The next part of the day was hanging out and doing some activities on the green, included what I listed above (and more!). My personal favorite was the Photobooth with Freud, but I missed it! I just didn’t see it. I was very upset, definitely would have been profile picture material. But here, I saw Clarkies doing Clarkie things. Wrestling in jello, riding bulls, and taking bags and bags of colored flour and threw it at everyone. I think the best part was by the end, covered in colors, we all picked up the plastic bags we had just thrown on the ground from being empty. Even with something small, we always make sure to clean up and take care of the environment.

 904826_10151400146833181_942179897_o 891872_10151400146838181_1115682184_o 902821_10151400146868181_137460538_o

Lunch on the Green: 12PM

This is classic Clark. It was a beautiful day, and this is one of those moments you finally “feel at college.” Everyone is sitting on the grass, enjoying their (veggie or not) burgers, watermelon and water while soaking up the sun and watching a group of kids throw the frisbee around the green. It brings us all together, sitting in our green, recognizing we can all be in this together.

903840_10152738345190177_290774514_o 903835_10152738363645177_1522486304_o

Chitty Bang: 1PM

Finally, some random rap group performed. Just kidding. Chitty Bang performed, and they were very good. I hadn’t heard of Chitty Bang before, but they didBut here, I think it shows the diversity of everything here at Clark. Worcester has a pretty big Metal scene, but most of the people I know like the normal Jack Johnson, Jon Meyer, and Monsters and Men. But we’re diverse in other ways. We have 11% International students and 17% ALANA (Asian-, Latino-, African-, and Native-American). With over 100 different clubs, we definitely have enough diverse clubs to support everyone’s interests.

902429_10152738359365177_680749792_o 902004_10151400146583181_1122661018_o


The day then ended. It was a great day. It was filled with chances, activities, sunlight, and music. It brings Clark students together consistently through a strong tradition that burns through each Clark student’s heart and gives us a nice breathe before the scariest realization of them all:

That there are only three weeks left of school.

906882_10152738359905177_1719119027_o 893687_10152738363865177_657062869_o 891807_10152742718610177_1275845960_o 906282_10152742718955177_1772892729_o

Happy Spree everyone!

Photographs off of facebook / many taken by Clarkie first year Jonathan Edelman.

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