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April 7, 2013

Call Me Baby!

She gave me a keychain!

Olga / Gala

This week was International Gala! I’m sure you’ve heard enough about it (see mine, Melissa mentioned it, Pinar mentioned it, and I talked about it here). We had 23 countries represented and I represented USA! Ballroom had a great time doing a great mash up of Proud Mary and Ain’t Too Proud to Beg. (Sorry, we don’t have a gala video up yet) and we’re already excited about next year. I don’t want to give any specifics, but…

justin-bieber-baby-music1 500px-Carly_Rae_Jepsen_-_Call_Me_Maybe lumberjack-tree

What do these three things have in common???

She's awesome.

She’s awesome.

She gave me a keychain!

She gave me a keychain! (It’s a Colombian colored coffee bean man).

Going along with the international theme, my favorite Columbian is visiting for 2 weeks! A very nice graduate student is visiting Clark University. Her name is Olga Leehman, and she is spending two weeks, helping me out on my papers, editing them (in return for my English based edits on hers) and discussing two different papers at the Kitchen seminar I constantly talk about (okay only once but if you knew me it’s all i talk about)

Beyond that, my girlfriend came to visit Clark this weekend. I might dedicate a post to long distance relationships for all of you who are trying to figure out relationships – is it worth keeping (YES), is it worth trying (YES), is it worth transferring for (NO), is it worth losing yourself and being tied back to the past (NO). But, that’s not for now. We come up a lot and I’m constantly looking for things to do in Worcester. We’ve done shopping a lot at the various shopping centers (Solomon Pond, Blackstone Valley, and Auburn Mall) but I recently found a “25 Things to Do and See in Worcester!” link!

So, first, our Saturdays are always a diner. Worcester is full of them! Eating out is definitely a big thing here. We’ve done Annie’s Clark Brunch and we love it. Two huge college stomachs on Saturday mornings cost around $12 total. But Miss Worcester’s Diner is also close by and had gotten good reviews. It was pretty good — but Annie’s still has my heart (even if it turns me into a slubberdegullion after eating there.)

We went to the Higgen’s Armory. It’s being combined with the Worcester Art Museum soon, so I wanted to make it there before it was gone! It was super cool! We saw a bunch of different swords and people using different swords and stuff to fight with. It was a cool history lesson and a nice little date to do in Worcester. Next time she comes up I definitely want to get to the Central Rock Climbing Center.

893633_10151391052333181_64331749_o  906864_10151391052423181_1388951283_o 884938_10151391051983181_408617465_o 906670_10151391052073181_696493238_o

Finally we ended the night by cooking dinner. We made fried chicken with provolone cheese, and a spin on rice pilaf (white rice, pasta, chicken broth) with prosciutto mixed in. I attempted green beans… and .. well… it’s better there is no picture. They became black beans. Michelle brought our friend and ballroom teammate, Ellen, over and she made Pumpkin Chai cookies.

903899_10151391053043181_1966755792_o 894758_10151391053003181_347128323_o 891737_10151391052663181_622734273_o 892352_10151391052543181_1309033845_o 903210_10151391052508181_321155031_oTill next week!

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