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March 10, 2013


What TO bring to college: Yourself!

So last week I talked about what not to bring to college (side note, I forgot to mention coffee pots / perkers, just not needed, see all my posts [1,2,3] about Jazzman’s), but this week I want to talk about what TO bring to college. Forget clothes, forget books, forget your toothbrush — they’re all second to the most important part – yourself.

Your room is where you’ll be living with another person for a full year. It will be the first thing your dorm mates see when they’re walking around, and how your room is set up says TONS about you as a person. It also needs to be flexible enough to take on your crazy weeks, your sleeping weeks, your schedule, your hangout times, and your dirty-mud-ridden shoes from the next big hurricane.

So, as an example, what do you bring to your room? Let’s check out mine.


Harry Potter is my life. I’ve used it in a paper for Developmental Psychology (The Magic Within Us All: The Development of Harry Potter) and I used it in an application essay for Tufts (Didn’t get in though, so maybe not). Point is, my room doesn’t hide that fact, because Harry Potter is who I am.

Whether that’s Harry Potter posters, a signed Deathly Hallows cover, my  blanket, Luna’s wand, a Harry Potter calendar, or all the movies…

I loved my high school and my friends there.

I know in the last post I talked about leaving behind your high school attitude — but that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything from high school behind. I saw a few posts online recommending bringing your high school yearbook (that to me sounds strange) but I made a lot a great friends in high school that spent six of my most awkward years with me. If anyone deserves to be up on my wall, it’s these people.

And yes, that’s Harry Potter on the TV… guesses on the #?

That doesn’t mean you forget about your new friends too.

There should always be space to add new memories to your room with. My floor had a tradition of making letters for people on their birthday, and I saved mine. Ballroom, my phone, hockey, movies, and music — covers me pretty well! The inkblots were from my sophomore year research project — they’re both a fun conversation piece and they remind me of what Clark has given me.

Your room should be able to fit you.

I have one part of my room as a kind of mobile schedule of due dates — and I have a lot of shoes apparently.

And finally, your room is shared — so when you get your roommate, talk about what you have!

Nothing is worse then both of you bringing your own TV.

What did you bring to your room? What are you thinking of bringing? How can you personalize it?

  1. Jasmine
    Mar 10 2013

    Hi Kevin. I loved this post. I have a question concerning transportation. Where I’m from, California, most people at the college campuses here use bikes/ beach cruisers. I’m wondering if people at Clark use bicycles to get around or do students primarily use cars or public transportation. Thanks!

  2. Kevin Carriere
    Mar 10 2013

    Hi Jasmine!

    Transportation is a great question! So Clark definitely has bicycles around campus, they’re working on installing more bike racks throughout campus. We have a bike share system ( where you can rent a bike for the day. It’s SUPER easy to do and a lot of students use it.

    We also have Clark Escort if you just wanted to travel locally (CVS, Frozen Yogurt, Big Y, Price Chopper, Salvation Army, … about a .5 radius around campus. (

    Clark also offers buses to local malls on Fridays and Saturdays (and they have movie theaters) and also a bus on the weekends that switches from Boston to Providence every other week.

    There is a bus that runs through Worcester for college students on the weekends that just recently came up through Student Council. That’s great as it gets you to Shrewsberry St (great food), WPI, and Holy Cross. There’s also a shuttle that runs between every consortium school in the area if you take classes at other colleges.

    People do bring cars (allowed all four years) but it’s definitely not needed. Between biking and Escort, you can get to most places very quickly. Not many people use the public transportation in Worcester.

  3. Jasmine
    Mar 10 2013

    Thank you for your insightful answer, I appreciate it. It’s good to know Clark has a variety of ways to get around.

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