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February 28, 2013

What NOT to bring to college.

In the coming months, when you get settled into your college decision, you’re going to possibly start thinking of shopping and packing. Mom and pop are going to want to load with you all the possible utilities you might possibly need to fight off a germ invasion and enough food to survive the zombie apocalypse twice over.

But — do you really need all of it? What shouldn’t you bring? (Beyond Clark’s list here).

  • Extra books / movies:
    • As much as you’d like to think it, with clubs, classes, and all the reading you’re already doing, you probably won’t be able to touch your books so much. And if you bring a movie collection, you’ll either burn through them all in the first week or just never touch them because of your schedule.
    • Fix: Netflix (Share it with your roommate!) ; CUFS ; Kindle/iPad for reading

  • Winter clothes
    • You are going home for Fall Break. One sweatshirt and a decent jacket will cover you until then. And then you can switch out those clothes.
    • Fix: There is no fix, no matter what I say you’ll bring too many. Just know, if you look at your clothes, you’ve brought too many.
  • Big stereo systems
    • Music systems are cool, but they take up a lot of room. Everyone has an iPod or some kind of music device / phone / computer and small headphones. The big hangout you think you’ll be having with the whole dorm — probably better to keep the music low from your computer.
  • Your guitar


  • Other furniture
    • I’ve heard it all — extra desks, extra chairs, extra — not needed. I know I fail at this– if you’ve seen pictures of my room you’ll notice I brought my own chair to college- but I “donated” my chair into the common room. HUGE risk ! If anyone in the dorm broke it, it would be my fault! Luckily Clarkies are great. But still, not worth it.

  • The high school drama / high school attitude / etc.
    • I’m not saying there isn’t drama at college, but it’s nothing like high school. The school won’t care if you wore the same clothes two days in a row. You’re adults now, and everyone will expect you to act like one. Not saying that there isn’t a time and place to act like a kid — there definitely is. But remember this is not a time to bring high school with you, it’s time to leave it behind, move on, create a new life, and meet new friends.
    • Fix: Bring your interests, and bring an open mind to expand those interests.

Are you wondering what you should / shouldn’t bring? Leave a comment and I’ll answer it! Current students, what was something you brought you didn’t need?

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