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February 9, 2013

LEEP into the snow!

First post about the snowstorm! Wooo!

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a slight snowstorm. Just slight enough to the point where I received an email from a very nice graduate student I know in Colombia, who said she had heard of the storm and wanted to make sure I was okay.

Like I said, slight.

So, Clark cancelled school on Friday. Rats! I don’t have class on Friday, why do I have to share my day off with everyone else? Oh well. The snowstorm was great though. After practicing for a competition with one of my new partners, Jenna, we walked by someone ski’ing around campus. Seeing the above picture, you’d think, “Well, okay.” But it hadn’t even really started to snow yet! The blizzard only hit at night.

We went to the dining hall, which was packed as everyone was nervous that the dining hall would be closed all day Saturday, and it turned out my friend and I were wearing the same outfit! That was strange.

I still haven’t seen the Matrix, but I assume it’s like this.

Woke up tomorrow to the brunt of the storm (see that first picture). Dayum! And while I ran outside to jump into the snow, I received an email letting me know I was accepted as a LEEP Pioneer! Clark has also added the LEEP Merit Scholarship¬†which gives full rides, but they’ve also added Pioneers for Juniors who want some extra funding to either do internship or their own project over the summer time. It’s my first “grant” I’ve received, and I’m extremely excited! I’ll be blogging more about what I’m doing with my Pioneering project as time goes on, but for now, celebration! They want to have 100 juniors each year doing projects to gain experience.

LEEP is great, and if you come to an info-session, they do a good job selling it in my opinion. It’s all about effective practice. Liberal Arts educations get shot down a lot because people say, “You know stuff but you don’t know real life.” LEEP is Clark’s counter to that claim. I’m excited to be the first round of the true LEEP Pioneers (last year was a Beta test, this is the real deal!) and cannot wait to get started.

And I get start giving tours now! Yay!

Enjoy the snow, and if you didn’t get any…. GET UP TO WORCESTER TO ENJOY IT :D

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