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January 31, 2013


Happy Birthdays and Somber Goodbyes


Happy Birfthday!

Happy Birfthday!

So, today is my birthday! Yayyyy. I’ve turned twenty-one! I am officially a full fledged adult! It’s like evolving in Pokemon. I’m like Charizard now. Rawrrr. But this post isn’t about me. Last night, I got to go to my advisor’s house with a few graduate students and we had a farewell party for a Brazilian visitor within the Psychology Department, Marcio.

Marcio enjoying his Jewish-Russian Cake (It’s super good).

This is what I thought he was going to do while handling it though…

My advisor, Dr. Jaan Valsiner, is sadly leaving Clark University. While he is tenured, he was offered the opportunity to start a Ph.D. program in Denmark. Like head it. Like, “We-think-you’re-so-great-we-want-you-to-help-us-start-a-new-college.” So, while it was a going away party for Marcio, any time with Jaan is particularly sad and it’s a half good-bye for him as well. He said something last night that stuck with me.

“I will miss the Clark student. They are very uninformed — but they have a genuine desire to search for something. They don’t know what, but they search for knowledge. This I will not find in Denmark.”

At first glance, it seems almost like a backhanded complement. But I didn’t take it like that. All students when they come to college are uninformed. We don’t know much, we probably haven’t met too many other cultures, other people, etc. And it’s a choice for every student on how you want to approach your uninformedness. Either you can take it as it is, not learn anything, and never grow out of your little bubble, or you can explore the world. Whether that’s studying abroad, meeting new people from different cultures, or learning new things, as Clark students we all seek to go past our uninformedness into the informed. I think it defines Clarkies very well. We want that knowledge. We want to understand others and help change the world through challenging convention.

Making a wish!

Making a wish!

Okay, okay, I’m done.


My birthday cake… I believe.

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  1. Brianna Valois
    Feb 1 2013

    I must say that your (very well-written) blog posts remind me of a Scrubs episode: They start off and continue on with some hilarity, but end with a life lesson. So every time I read these, Zach Braff is actually narrating them in my head.

  2. Kevin Carriere
    Feb 4 2013

    Aww, thank you Brianna! :) I try and do that every blog. Hahahah. This one, I’m not so sure about well-written, but thank you!

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