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January 24, 2013

Receiving & Giving Back: A Wonderful Cycle

Today, I was sitting in the Academic Commons, drinking my 50 cent coffee from Jazzman’s, and I was approached by a man wearing an elephant hat. He said, and I quote, “Hey. I really like your sweater. Happy Elephant Day!” and proceeded to give me a picture of an elephant. And then he ran away. (Okay, so he actually just walked to get in line for coffee, but isn’t that how stories like that are suppose to end?)

I don’t think it looks like an elephant…

Even though my sweater really has nothing to do with elephants, it brought a real smile to my face. And somehow, that guy just gave me a great day, and I had to give it back to someone else. After class, I had to pick up some packages from the mailroom, and I was told by a friend that Student Leadership and Planning was giving away free movie tickets. First the elephant picture, then this?!

I know what I’m seeing…

I have to attribute this to the good karma I got on Tuesday, when I went to the Thrift Store and donated a few extra pairs of shoes. My suitemate, Michelle, says I have too many. So Tuesday I walked to the Thrift Store and donated 5 pairs of shoes (And I may have another 5 still in my closet…). Little did I know, you get 20% your next purchase every time you donate! I have a bunch of shirts I need to get rid of, so this is great. I’ve talked about the Thrift Store, but I have to talk about it some more. It was a student idea, fueled by our Enterpuernship contest Eurkea where the top 3 business plans get funding from Clark. They reduce a lot of waste, and service both Clark students and Worcester residents equally (they have stated it’s a 50/50 consumer split).

Beyond that, my friends and I just finished up our Secret Santa for the Holidays. We distribute names before break and give the gifts after, with a $5 limit. I’m kind of a winner when it comes to thinking of the best gifts, and this year I spared nothing. I picked up $4 worth of glassware, and then found some glass etching cream in our house and personally etched Indiana Jones and my friend’s initials on a bunch of glasses. I got a great gift though: A photo of Tukka Rask! He’s already joined my wall. It’s going to be a great year for the B’s, I’m sure I’ll write more about them later.

I tried to use food coloring with water to show the etching.

And finally, on the idea of giving back, I have just discovered the wonders that is the Clark Archives. My History of Psychology class wants us to find one of the first 100 Ph.D. graduates in Psychology at Clark and discover their work, most of which has gone unnoticed by the discipline. The archives? They have it. More than that, they have records of notes passed between G. Stanley Hall, our first President, Jonas Clark, and Atwood, our second President! There’s even notes from just the faculty asking for raises or saying they agree to the salary, or ordering books.

Yeah, that says 1939!

Did I mention that you can just ask them to look up “Marie Kline” and then they’ll have a cart full of documents about that person waiting for you when you come in? Talk about first class service!

Clark continues to surprise me, and I have to continue to give back to it as it gives to me. Thanks Clark!

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