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January 17, 2013

Thinking Back to High School

Well, we’re back. Winter break was nice, but it’s also great to be back at Clark. I really did miss it. But after a break away from college, it’s hard for some people to adjust back to living and sharing with others. Tensions, stress, and fights run high for the first week returning, and due to that, I’ve been thinking back and feeling a bit more sentimental then usual.

Some fantastic things happened over break – I was promoted to a Full Scarlet Key member, so you’ll be seeing me more around Admissions. I went to a really cool cooking class, so hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures of some new meals. I got to play cards with my family (I always win). After 6 months of working on the journal, I am finally in my first academic journal thanks to my wonderful advisor. And of course, I got to see high school friends, who have seen me in some awkward times.

But it does stand for something. Some people forget about high school. Some people want nothing to do with it. Others liked high school, but in the end they lose connections with old friends besides reunions. But high school is huge! Sure, college you define who you are, but high school helps define who you’re going to be. I’m not saying people can’t/don’t change, they do, but it still shows who we are more than it shows who we aren’t.

Seriously. What was I thinking. Well, besides the dress. I rocked that dress.

College is a whole different game. As you define who you are, the connections that were once made in high school can shift. I’ve lost contact with a few friends, and it’s sad. But we’re just different people now. Things change. College does that. But I think the difference is those who accept and work with the change, and those who try and fight it. None of my friends are the same people who I walked across the stage with back in 2010. I hope I’m not the exact same person, but I do hope I’ve held onto a few good qualities I had going for me in my senior year. They change, and so does our friendship. But it’s part of changing with people that I appreciate.

Clark’s motto is Challenge Convention, Change the World. It’s funny because the world is constantly changing anyway. I am not the person I am today, nor will I be the same person tomorrow. My friendships, both here and back home, are constantly changing. But convention says that change is bad. That change is not something to look forward to. That tradition must be correct and that high school doesn’t mean anything past that diploma. And that’s the convention I think I challenge. I challenge convention by holding onto the connections I have, growing the connections I just gained, and seeking further connections in the future.

I can’t dismiss the past, but I can accept it for what it was – a crazy, unforgettable journey that brought me here.




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