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December 13, 2012

It’s finally finals!

Ah, finals.

Today is my last day! I’ll be moving out tomorrow and fitting more clothes in a suitcase than you could imagine. Seriously, girls, you have nothing on me. Check out this video and this Wiki-How for ideas of how to pack better. I mix between what the guy does in the video and the rolling method to really stuff my bag full of clothes.

This changed my life.

Clark’s exam schedule is a little weird, but I cry for the people who have to figure it out. It’s enough of a hassle deciding which classes can go in which time slots so everyone can have the least amount of conflicts possible, but then to schedule a time where 20-60 people with 20-60 different schedules can all take an exam? The horror. So we had our last day of classes this Monday (12/10) and then two reading days (Tuesday-Wednesday) then Exams Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, with obviously the weekend for more studying. Because my only exam was on Thursday and the only class on Monday was a review for that exam, I had Friday->Thursday to study for it. I know my Jewish Studies like I slept with it. But actually, I fell asleep last night with my book by my side.

But tonight overall should be fun. My exam is from 6:30-8PM (or 6-8? Yeah… I should have written that down). After that, I’m heading over to a visiting graduate student’s apartment. Raphaele has been enjoying our Cultural Psychology Lab all semester, but sadly we have to say goodbye. He’ll be heading back to Brazil Friday, so we’re having a goodbye party with him. Check out his awesome talent on the accordion performance at Clark here! Then, after that, I’m heading to the Blackstone Valley Cinemaswith friends to see the Hobbit in HFR 3D. I usually hate 3D, but supposely this 48 fps is going to fix that. We’ll see. I expect to be disappointed, but hey, I could be that elderly man in fifty years saying “I SAW THE FIRST MOVIE IN 48FPS. WE DONT NEED THIS NEW TECHNOLOGICAL 98 FPS!” (I’m just thinking).

Thought this was very relevant.

Enjoy the holidays everyone! Let me know if you’re going to see the Hobbit too!

Picture found on that WikiHow

Comic found at AmazingSuperPowers

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