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December 6, 2012

Lookin’ for a place to study!

Ah, finals week. Last week I blogged about how I’ve been keeping myself motivated, so this week I figured it’d be best to talk about where most students are during those times when they aren’t playing Borderlands. I also just finished typing a really big paper, so… PHOTOS!

The first place I love doing half work / half not-work is the Academic Commons. It’s great because 1) It’s right by Jazzman’s, perfect access to unlimited coffee and 2) It’s right below the library, so it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking you can get work done here. During finals, it’s pretty packed. There’s not a lot of outlets, so I thought if I bring a power supply and charge a plug in for a pastry of my choice, I’d make millions! (of food). Also, it’s great for group projects, which is mainly the kind of people you meet here… Each one of them with their eyes screaming, “I HATE GROUP PROJECTS GAH WHY AM I IN THIS CLASS.” It’s fun to watch, terrible to be a part of.


  The next place is of course the library. Each level is progressively more quiet. 2nd floor is still relaxing and there’s a lot of open space. 3rd floor — I feel like no one really works on the third floor. But it’s a good place for “friends who want to study around each other but separately.” Fourth floor there are private rooms with a small window and a closed door, open tables for everyone, and even a secret conference room that’s never used but always open and great for studying / hanging out and playing music while doing some work. I like the open space – you feel like people are judging you if you aren’t working. On the fifth floor, there are a lot of person cubby areas, just you, a window, and a wall. These are almost always filled during the week.

Your dorm is a good place to study – a lot of the dorms have study rooms now for just that. Plus kitchens have tables that as freshman are never used, and of course, your own desk could be a study space too.

And there’s the Science Library… If you cough, those chemistry majors start mumbling about what chemicals they would combine in order to silence you for good… No, I’m kidding. But the Science Library in Sackler is definitely a great place for even quieter studying than the 5th floor of the library, and the students who go here are always very motivated.

But in the end, the best most often used study space is right outside of class before the exam.

Good luck on finals, Clarkies! Where do you study?

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