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November 8, 2012

Thrifting Through the Winter Wonderland

Hello winter!

Yep, that seems about normal…

It snowed, and by Sunday, it’s going to be back in the 60′s. Hello New England weather.

But yes, Wednesday was the first “Nor’Easter” of the year. With this whole “Operation Termination” game going on, I hadn’t heard about the storm that everyone was posting on Facebook about until the morning when my sister, who lives in New York, texted me extremely excited that I’d get the first snow fall.

And then it started at 3PM. And 4:30PM, the storm had really started to take it’s toll. You can see below the snow just starting to form, and then by the end of practice it had almost covered the whole ground. The wind sounded like the tornado from Dorothy was outside trying to take away Atwood into Oz.

I do love the snow. There’s this weird feeling – before it snows, it’s freezing. The wind is harsh, the cold bites at your face. But when it snows… It seems to get warmer? Maybe I’m able to justify my coldness. Maybe I’m just so happy with the snow that it warms me up. Either way, I always want to run out in the first snow in shorts. I’ll grab a picture of me actually doing it next time.

Besides that, first snow means time to pull out warmer clothes. College is a great time to redefine yourself. Do you want pink hair? How about a nose ring? Tight jeans? Shirts three times bigger than you should wear and a chain around your neck? Whatever you want, college can provide you with the outlet to do it. And with college, comes the best form of procrastination, Reddit. I use /FrugalMaleFashion/ to get some great ideas and deals on clothing, because I’ve realized I can’t continue to call myself an emerging adult while wearing funny t-shirts and jeans that don’t fit right. So, I’ve learned to start thrifting by checking out the local Savers and Salvation Army’s. They don’t kid when they say all college students are poor.

But hey, what’s better than Savers? How about a Clark Community Thrift Store! Right across Main Street is the Clark Community Thrift Store, run by Clark students for both Clark students and the greater Worcester community. It’s a non-profit organization, with all proceeds going towards the Sustainability Fund here at Clark.

Bam! You can’t really see the button up, but all three pieces of clothing for $14! They had a big selection in the back, fill up bags for $3 a bag, but I had to run to class, so I didn’t get to explore the depths of the Thrift Store as much as I probably should have. I’m pretty happy with what I found — and to think it constantly changes as more and more donations come in!

It’s definitely great to be in New England for the Winter. You can’t predict the weather, but that’s alright with me – I can’t predict what I’m going to be doing a week from now! How should I expect them to predict something more complex than myself?

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