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November 5, 2012

Dear Assassins…

Hello. You’ve found me. I’ve attempted to hide my trace, but still, you have perservered. Congratulations.

For other readers, Clark is starting a game of Assassins on campus. This follows a hearty week of Humans vs. Zombies. There was a great article about it in The Scarlet, our campus newspaper, but they haven’t posted it online yet. Stop by campus to pick up a copy! Sixty students were either Zombies or Humans, and you had to avoid getting tagged by a Zombie at any point in the day. You had nerf guns to hold them off, and if the zombies didn’t feed for two days they became humans. It was hilarious watching people get chased by bicycles around campus with orange bandanas around their heads. I hope it becomes a tradition. Great job SPOC!

To follow up with this, now Resident Life and Housing is starting a game of Assassins. First, well done RLH. Most schools RLH departments focus just on housing lotteries (link to old blogger’s post), dealing with write-ups, and moving unhappy roommates, but Clark is really trying to change that look and have RLH become an active, fun presence on campus.

Assassins is simple – we sign up, they send us a name and where to pick up our sticker. It’s up to us to find the person and sticker them. We then report back for the next assignment (I am assuming it will be whoever I killed, their old target). Until there is only one. And so, I’ve attempted to hide my trace – if they can’t find me, they can’t kill me. But a quick Google search makes you realize… it’s pretty impossible to hide your internet trace. And I don’t know how long I’ll be able to survive without my facebook or twitter. But still, my LinkedIn and Clark Diaries still show up.

They talk about that when you’re applying to schools – how colleges are more and more looking into your online persona to see how it differentiates from the page. I know nothing about Clark Admissions and what they do, but I don’t think that matters. Because, it’s not just colleges who could be looking. It’s potential employers. It’s future friends. It’s your future wife. Everyone is trying to find out more information about everyone. So, don’t post that embarrassing picture of your friend just because of college – don’t post it because of life!

But to my Assassin – I’ve blogged about my schedule. You could see it all. But if you think for a moment you can catch me in my own territory – be warned. I know the stairwells to Jonas Clark better than any undergraduate, and I will escape. I am even willing to grow a beard to stop you! Or do I already have one? Ah, you would hope it was that easy, wouldn’t you…

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