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November 2, 2012


No Mondays and 50 cent coffees? Count me in!

I get to blog about the storm first! Wooooo.

So, this weekend we got hit with the Frankenstormpocalypse! It came in Monday, which meant that… no school! Clark decided to cancel school Monday to be on the safe side, which was really good. I didn’t get to take any pictures of the coordination, but it was really something. Clark is pretty strong with organizing for the Nor’Easters we get every now and then, and this week was no exception. We all received bagged lunches at lunch on Monday to give us a dinner and breakfast for the morning. In the end, Worcester was granted passage from Hurricane Sandy and we did not get much, if any, damage. But props to the Administration for taking the cautious route (and hey, we all needed that day off).

To top off the Hurricane on Monday, there was Halloween this week! Halloween means two things: One, yes, everyone dresses up and gets into the carnivalization (new cool word I learned in Money Psych this week, how for one day our values and social norms flip).

Michelle's Firefighter... Dont tell her it looks like a fire hydrant!

Michelle's Firefighter... Dont tell her it looks like a fire hydrant!

But two! And much more importantly two, is that all of Clark gets into the Halloween spirit. Especially Sodexo, the company that runs our food. Say what you will – I truly believe they really care. They do this amazing thing for Thanksgiving, where it’s a huge feast and you literally have to get in line an hour before if you don’t want to wait too long… And Halloween they don’t hold back either. There were a bunch of small deals you could get, but nothing compares to the glory that is Jazzman’s Perks Card. If you were one of the first 27 people to buy their reuseable mug, you get a perks card – which grants you 50 cent refills on coffee for the rest of your time at Clark.


I have been begging Mary to divulge the day she would be giving out the Perks card, and she finally hinted it would be at Halloween. Of course, then all the signs came up around campus… well, I had to be sure. I showed up at 7:45AM for Jazzman’s to open at 8:30AM. Turns out, not as many people were excited for 50 cent coffees as I was… I may or may not have waited patiently by myself. It was like Black Friday, but not filled with murderous mothers trying to fight over the last TV.

Overall, Halloween was uneventful for me for the most part. You can definitely make it eventful many ways, but I had a competition the first weekend before Halloween, and this weekend, I have a lot of work to get done. As it gets closer to Thanksgiving, professors really start piling on the work before the break, because after break, it’s really only a week or two before finals, and there is only so much that can be done.

Ah well, at least I can stay warm, even in a storm.

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