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October 25, 2012

Seriously, how awesome would Quidditch be?

“I was just nervous, you know? It’s scary, coming back. You wonder if people changed… If everything has moved on without me. But then I came back, and it’s just like family. Nothing changed, it’s like I was just here yesterday. People asked me how I was, how my day has been, jokes continued from last year… Sure, you guys changed a bit – where you were living, your hair, your classes – but overall, Clark was still home. It’s still home. It’s nice to be home.”

My roommate last year came back to visit Clark this past weekend, and he said that to me on the drive back to his house. He decided to take the year off this year, and was apprehensive to come back and visit. And I’m so glad he had a good time, because we all needed a nice break to take some time and just relax. After having dinner at the cafeteria, we all went back to my friend’s suite and talked, played Cards Against Humanity, played guitar, and sang songs.

We got to be really close friends last year. I remember the weekend Clark sent out notifications on who your roommate was – I was without a computer in Orlando, Florida for the release of the last Harry Potter movie, and so Austin was trying to figure out who this “Kevin Carriere” was who wasn’t answering his emails. A few facebook searches later, he found a couple of Kevin Carriere’s, all who looked like huge partiers and would be blasting rock music at two in the morning. Luckily, I wasn’t that kind of guy, and we really kicked it off. But oh, how the internet can mess with first opinions.

"Put it this way: If it rains, you'll be the first to know."

Sunday we went to the Patriots game with another good friend from school, Max, and my cousin Jake, who goes to school at Providence College. We were seven rows from the top, but that didn’t distract us from having the time of our lives. The Patriots beat the Jets, 29-26 in overtime! Sadly, Tebow only took like, 4 snaps. I had a bet going where they’d play him a lot more than that.

Side note – how awesome are football fields? Sitting up there, I totally can see Clark’s Quidditch team flying around in brooms playing Quidditch in fifty years. Yes, scientists you, I’m giving you fifty years to figure out the whole flight thing. Get on that. But in the meantime I’ll be totally fine with watching them play on the soccer fields at school. FIFTY YEARS.


Even last year, we brought out a friend’s huge 60″ TV we found off of Craigslist for $5 (the problem was carrying it) and placed it in the common room in the now Johnson Sanford Center and watched the Superbowl together. It’s small things like that – just random “Hey, let’s all do this as a hall” events, that were so much fun. We all made different snacks to have, and other floors came with their own chairs and watched the game. At one point during the year we made the biggest hop-scotch, with trivia and dead ends…

College is real life. People come, people go. People grow close and grow apart. Days can become nights and nights become days. But it’s the ride that’s important, and that grows into a bond you won’t lose. I think that’s what Austin meant when he came back – that even though the place changed – the leaves, the additions, the faces – the experiences were still there. And it were those experiences that reminded him of how much this is, and always will be, home.


Photos of Clark’s Quidditch team found here¬†and by permission of Clark University student Ariel Rubin.


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