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October 12, 2012

Fall Break, Road Trips, & Close Friends.

So, Clark just got off of Fall Break. First, I must say Fall Break is the epitome of a double edged sword. It was wonderful to have a four day weekend (Saturday->Tuesday!). Especially where a lot of work was building up, stress was high, and everyone needed a break. But today is Thursday already! The week just started! And sure, you might say: “But Kevin, the week just started and it’s Thursday! That’s great!” No! If only! It makes next week the longest week of the year. A three day week followed by a five day week? Oof!

But Fall Break was great. I drove four other Clarkies up to Vermont with me, and we all stayed in Burlington. One of the girls lives in Burlington, so she housed two of her friends, and the other girl and myself had friends at the local University so we stayed with our friends.

Before I continue, I should preface by saying I’m from Rhode Island. In Rhode Island, any drive beyond thirty minutes is a day trip and you might as well pack a sleeping bag cause you’re probably going to be there for the night. So, three and a half hours? And beyond that, three and a half hours with girls singing pop songs in the backseat arguing over who has control of the iPod? You haven’t seen the horrors I have… No, I’m just kidding. It was a great ride filled with laughs.

It was interesting being back at my old University. It’s like seeing an old girlfriend. Sure, it’s awkward at first, but you’ve both matured and grown stronger since the break-up. You’re happier without each other, but there’s still a question, a thought of what it would have been like if you hadn’t left each other. It’s a serious question for people to think about when transferring though. What if I won’t be happy at this second school? What if I’m just having a bad year? What if I won’t get friends here either? What if…?

But while I may joke about the car ride, I think the car ride above everything else made me 100% sure I had made the right choice. Every school is different – academically, socially, size, numbers, stats, price, et cetera et cetera. But there is also a different kind of person that goes to each school. The people who were in my car – those Clarkies – were me. I hadn’t hung out with two of them (had not even met one of them), but still in those seven total hours of driving, I feel like I understand them more than I understand many of the people I spent my four day weekend with in Burlington.

I don’t mean to sound preachy – but to any students who are looking to transfer, or aren’t sure if they are in the right place for themselves, or even students looking at schools overall… Above everything, look at the students. You can succeed no matter where you go, what you do, what city you live, what size school it is – but it’s the people around you: the people who will hop in a car with you for four hours, the people who will accept you for your tone-deaf, weird mix between a baratone and bass voice, the people who decorate a statue located in the middle of campus just for fun- that makes the difference in college.

We have to have some fun with dear old Freud...

And as far as the what if’s – you should be happy all the time. It doesn’t matter. Keep transferring. Keep looking. Find the right place for you. There is no such thing as a bad year – they don’t call college “The one bad year and then the three best years of your life.” And you will find friends. (Clark houses all transfers very close to each other – it’s FANTASTIC. You meet everyone who is in the same exact boat you are. My closest friends are transfers.) The most important part is you look for yourself, and through looking for yourself, you’ll find others just like you.

Then you’re home.

Me and a couple of Clarkies, all transfers, all best friends.

Rhode Island image found here.
Worcester image found here.

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