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October 5, 2012


Nineteen Years… and not a moment too soon.

It took me nineteen years to have an egg.

Seriously! 19 years! I’m not talking about eggs in cakes, muffins, or in any kind of baking… that doesn’t count. No, I mean like no scrambled. No hard boiled. No over easy, medium, or hard (fried?).

And then I had my first one at Clark. It was a Wednesday morning, and I had recently admitted to a few friends this fact (which I guess is pretty rare?) about myself. I didn’t know where or how to start. But all my friends could say were three words: “Bistro breakfast sandwiches.” And so my roommate dragged me along and I ordered my first egg- Bacon, egg, and cheese on an english muffin. And every Wednesday, I’ve gotten the same breakfast sandwich for breakfast.


Yes, I dedicate this to all of you.

So, this post is dedicated to you, eggs. And to Clark breakfast. It’s Thursday, and I just woke up in time to come sprinting into the cafeteria at 9:45AM. It’s some terrible operant conditioning here, that’s for sure. Wake up when you want, but if you sleep in past 10AM, you aren’t getting eggs in the morning. (They switch to continental breakfast from 10-11AM to prepare for lunch).

We have this wonderful woman in Dining Services who will make you your eggs or omelets any way (and with any kind of topping/filling you want) every morning during the week. And they are fantastic. I get two eggs over medium with peppers, ham, and american cheese every weekday, then toast two pieces of wheat toast and a cup of coffee.

But say you’re running short on time, or you slept in past 10. Not to fear, the Bistro, our “On-The-Go” food selection, makes great breakfast sandwiches. It’s not like your fast food chain breakfast sandwich, where you can’t tell what was egg and what was just yellow putty smashed into an oval between two pieces of bread… No, they cook everything to order with fresh eggs on hand.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Worcester without delicious food. Right nearby, Annie’s Clark Brunch¬†has become a staple at Clark. She caters to college student’s budget (seriously, $1 “babycakes” which are pancakes the size of a large plate… There are megacakes… *shudder* I honor the student who can finish those.) Annie is a wonderful woman who memorizes both orders and faces like no other. If Annie’s isn’t really your thing, Acoustic Java is just two stores down, with some of the best coffee around and also delicious paninis, sandwiches, and breakfast sandwiches.

And then Worcester itself! My sister just came up to visit recently, and we went out for breakfast. Worcester is famous for it’s diners (Don’t ask New York – they can’t accept we have the original [and BETTER] diners) (See Worcester Lunch Car Company).


“Commercial production of lunch wagons began in¬†Worcester,¬†Massachusetts, in 1887, by Thomas Buckley. Buckley was very successful and became known for his “White House Cafe” wagons. Charles Palmer received the first patent (1891) for the diner. He built his “fancy night cafes” and “night lunch wagons” in the Worcester area until 1901.” (See quote under History here).

Boulevard Diner

The outside of the Boulevard at night

We went to a great one on Shrewsberry – Boulevard Diner- where it is open 24 hours a day and have omelets named after each college. My sister had the Clark omelet; I had the Holy Cross omelet.

Nicole's Omelet

The "Clark" Omelet

My Omelet

The "Holy Cross" Omelet

And of course, the best eggs are Saturday mornings, waking up for 10:30AM and walking into our suite’s kitchen, breaking six eggs and scrambling them with Zach and Michelle. But overall, eggs are wonderful. And I wish I had ate them earlier. But hey, that’s what college is about: BREAKFAST! (And trying new things out of course… but mostly breakfast).

Annie’s Brunch picture found here

Boulevard picture found here

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  1. Stefanie Gough
    Oct 5 2012

    #1 so glad to welcome you to the world of eggs, my friend. And #2 I LOVE THIS POSTTTTT. It’s got food, memories of breakfast sandwiches…seriously, story of my life last year haha Awesome job on this :)

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