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April 13, 2013


It has been awhile

great success

Sorry for the blogging hiatus there!  I’m back now I promise! The past two weeks were complete nonsense, mostly due to a little something called my honor’s thesis, which is now DONE!  HOORAY.  HAZAH. REJOICE.  But really a lot of rejoicing and that’s what I’ve been taking the time to do now.  There are a lot of friends that I have only seen in passing because of how stressed I was about finishing this project.  It’ll be nice to finally get back in touch and actually hang out and be a real person, not a crazed shut in trapped in the Goddard library.

So while my thesis is written there are still a few hurdles before I can finally declare this project done.  My defense is scheduled for the the 17th where I’ll present my thesis to a few Clark history professors and they’ll grill me about the arguments I presented.  Then on the 24th is academic spree day (in stark contrast to the spree day that Becca and Rian refer to in their most recent posts!) where I’ll be presenting my thesis on the Honor’s History Panel.  It’s really bizarre to think of presenting on this panel because the past three years I’ve always gone and watched seniors present their work and now I’m one of them.  WEIRD.

 So while I’ve been pretty excited to finish this project, I can’t shake off weird feelings I’ve been having about finishing.  I think this weirdness is mostly due to the fact that this project has been two and a half years in the making, beginning in 2011 when I came up with the topic for a research proposal.  I then studied abroad in the Czech Republic and experience the culture of the country I knew I would write my thesis about.  I traveled to Terezin and walked the streets of the former transit camp.  I met with Holocaust survivors and interviewed them about their experiences with the art and cultural life of the camp.  I visited museums all over Europe and viewed many different types of defiant art.  This year I read and I wrote for what seems like forever.  It has been quite a journey and it is weird that this journey is finally over.  I am so incredibly thankful that this project has taken me where it’s taken me and provided with me with such rich experiences.  When I was a freshman here at Clark, I never could have imagined that I would do any of these things.  Despite all the frustrations and struggles I’ve had with completing this, I have absolutely loved this journey, the places that it’s taken me and the people it’s connected me with.


Holocaust survivor Felix Kolmer and I at Terezin!


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  1. Rian Watt
    Apr 16 2013

    This is awesome. What a cool project! I wish my thesis were two and a half years in the making!

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