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March 24, 2013

FAQ: Selecting Classes Part 1

What is your typical class schedule like?  How many classes do you take each semester?  How many hours a week do you spend on homework?

Well dear readers, it’s that time of year, time to pick out fall semester courses!  Because I’m sticking around for fifth year I still get to partake in this ritual which generally involves waking up briefly at 8am, rapidly typing some numbers, and then falling back asleep.  It’s a fine art that I have mastered in my four years here at Clark.  Here’s some advice about how you can too.

So, typically Clarkies take four classes each semester.  Each of those four classes meets for about three hours total each week.  The class might meet three times for hour long sessions, twice for hour and a half sessions, or once a week for a single three hour session.  Some classes will also have discussion sections or lab sessions.  While this might seem like so little class time in comparison to the schedule you might have in high school, I’ve found taking four classes at Clark each semester to be a challenging but manageable workload.  You can petition as an upperclassmen to take five courses if you’d like to but I would recommend this with caution because it is very demanding.

What is great about picking classes is that you can design your own schedule based on how you like to take classes.  If you want a very well balanced schedule you can have that.  If you want no classes before 12pm you can have that too.  I’ve generally enjoyed scheduling one day a week without classes so that I can have a “reading” day.  As a history major this has been essential.

So designing a schedule is important, but what classes do you take?  This answer is pretty easy, take the classes you want to take.  If you have a major you’re thinking of embarking upon, here’s some advice about when to take certain courses.  If you have no idea consider checking off a program of liberal studies [PLS] perspective.  I’ll elaborate more about the PLS at Clark in my next post.

Check out our course listings for fall 2013!  [tip and something I did not realize my freshman year is that "R" stands for Thursday]


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