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March 12, 2013

some things to think about on your next college tour

Touring schools can be a difficult thing.  After awhile, they can all start to sound the same and can end up just adding to a lot of confusion in the college decision process.  I found the process is a little easier if you make a list of maybe 7 to 10 things you want to see in a school.  Take that list and apply it to each school you visit and you’ll have a nice visual checklist to make comparisons with.  Here’s how Clark stacked up with my list.

1. A cool library:  I’m a total book nerd so I new that I wanted to go to school in a place that had a sweet library.  Check for the Goddard.  The Goddard library has a ton of great study spaces with windows on the top levels that let you look out at the hills surrounding Worcester.

2. Concert Venues:  I knew that I wanted a school that had concert venues both on campus and in the area.  On campus, Clark has a space in the University Center called the Grind where a lot of indie rock bands, djs, and on campus bands play there.  In Worcester there are a lot of clubs that’ll have concerts.  The Palladium, Hanover Theater, Mechanics Hall, and the DCU center are larger venues just a couple miles from Clark that get bigger shows.  The DCU center has had Lady Gaga, Kanye, Britney Spears.  The Palladium gets more alternative rock shows that I really love like Coheed and Cambria.

The Palladium

3. People recognizing other people on campus and saying hi: I remember on my tour of Clark my tour guide ran into several friends while walking around campus.  I really liked the sense that people knew each other on campus.  Clark seemed like a really friendly place.

4. A typical college diner: My dad and I are both wicked into diners and I knew I wanted one nearby the school I ended up going to.  We ate there after my first tour of Clark and I knew from that moment that Annie’s would be the beloved college diner I always dreamed of.

5. A campus where not everyone looked like they were straight out of a J.Crew catalog: Clark has a pretty casual campus, this isn’t to say that I saw people wearing pajamas to class but I didn’t feel like I wouldn’t fit in in converse, jeans, and a tee shirt.  It just seemed like a chill campus where the focus was on who you were not what you’re wearing.

6.Diversity:  Coming from a high school that did not have a lot of diversity, this was something that I really wanted to have in college.  Clark definitely has the diverse community that I was looking for.  Clark statistically is 11% international students and 17% ALANA (Asian-, Latino-, African-, and Native American) students.  I really realized how diverse Clark was once I got here though.  One day when I was walking to class that I had heard four languages other than English being spoken on my way there.  Pretty sweet.

7.Stuff going on on campus: I wanted to go to a school that looked like it had a lot going on.  When I visited campus I saw a ton of students running around in “Just do it day” tee shirts for a campus wide community service day.  I also saw a ton of posters all over campus for all the events going on both during the week and on the weekend.

8.A space outside to hang out: A lot of the schools I was considering were in urban areas which greatly limited the amount of green space they were able to have.  Fortunately Clark does have a traditional college green and I’ve really enjoyed hanging out there during the fall and spring months.


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