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March 1, 2013

Clark’s Writing Center

you don’t even have to pay a nickel at the writing center!

This semester my faculty advisor told me to consider making weekly appointments at the writing center to edit chapters of my thesis.  I’ve always been pretty confident in writing papers for my history classes but because my thesis is such a large project I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out.  I am so happy that I went ahead and did so.  I also can’t believe it took me four years to get over to the writing center, but I’m glad I finally made it!

So the way the writing center works is fairly simple.  As a Clark student you can go online to the writing center’s website and look at the various tutor’s availability and then select your tutor of choice based on times that work out for you.  I meet regularly with one of the Strassler Center of Holocaust and Genocide Studies doctoral students, Sara Brown.  Sara TA’s one of the classes I am in right now.  I’ve also taken several grad-level courses with her before so I knew she would be the best tutor for me.  Sara is not only an incredible writer but she is also well versed in what my thesis focused on.  It has been awesome to have an editor who is passionate about what I am writing about.

One thing that I didn’t realize about the writing center before I got there is that the tutors there are not there to take your paper and rewrite it for you.  On the contrary, they go through your paper line by line and help edit it with you.  They ask you to rethink word choice, awkward sentence structures, and grammatical errors.  They work with you on your paper, not for you.  It’s a really individualized experience and I’ve loved seeing just how much my thesis has improved through my weekly sessions there.  It’s a really constructive experience and I highly recommend all Clarkies to take advantage of this great resource.

The writing center is just another example of Clarkies helping Clarkies. What a beautiful thing!

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