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February 17, 2013


Clark was right in the middle of what was snowpocalypse Nemo.  Apparently Worcester got the most snow in Massachusetts.  Last Friday I rejoiced because my internship in Boston was canceled.  Clark also canceled classes.   Clark rarely gets such glorious snow days, so me and some of my friends reverted right back to our childhood snow day ways.  We went sledding on the many hills around campus, had snow ball fights, and drank hot cocoa.  Through a series of thorough experiments we conducted, it’s clear that the hill stretching down Charlotte street was the best.  We got two or three whole blocks down that hill on good ol’ green flash there.  Best CVS purchase ever.  I had never been “urban” sledding before and I gotta say it was pretty sweet.

After a few hours of adventuring and exploring, we returned indoors to do a bit of work and drink some hot cocoa.  It was a great break from the typical pace of life on campus where everything is usually buzzing.  It was  awesome to put real life on hold for a bit.  Unfortunately due to all of my snow adventuring I’ve caught a bit of a cold.  Definitely worth every bit of snowy adventuring though.

Freud hanging out in the snow.


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