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December 31, 2012

twas the night/early morning before New Year’s Eve…

this is a video of Lebanon, PA’s annual “Bologna drop” on New Year’s Eve.  Love it.

So it being the eve of New Year’s Eve I find it only appropriate to come up with a few resolutions.  The act of making resolutions might be a little cheesy, a little over hyped, a little overdone, but I love them for the perspective they provide.  Really taking a good, long moment to come up with some thoughtful resolutions can really launch a year if done properly.  Looking back at some of the ones I made in my resolutions post last year I was actually surprised how much those resolutions really did impact a lot of what I did in 2012 in great ways.  Hopefully some of the following ones I’ve come up with will also have the same amazing results!

1) Get er’ done-  This is a simple resolution I think I share with all of my fellow Clarkie seniors, to finish this semester strong and graduate on time.  We got this class of 2013, righhhhht? Right.

2) Give more and better hugs-  So awkward confession, I’m a terrible hugger.  I give rather timid hugs without much feeling which my friends incessantly tease me about.  They probably aren’t really THAT bad but I’m game to work on making them better.  2013 is going to be a year of amazing hugs from yours truly.

3) Never stop adventuring- So sad confession, post-study-abroad-Prague I really slowed down on spontaneous adventuring and traveling.  I think in my reverse-culture-shock lull I got lame and stopped pursuing different adventure opportunities like I used to.  I need to start exploring more like I did pre-Prague travels and during Prague.  In the craziness that 2013 is bound to be, I’m going to make time for new adventures.  Whether it’s an adventure to visit friends in Hawaii or London or Memphis or just to a new area to hike around in Worcester, I’m going to get out there and adventure more again.  I can’t wait.

4) And my last resolution for this year wonderfully is summarized below through song by the pure amazing Ash Grunwald.  I started listening to him recently and he’s the man.  This one is real catchy and awesome.

and now that this post is done, it’s  less than 24 hours to go till 2013! wahooooooooo!  Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all have a fabulous 2013!

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