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December 10, 2012

it’s all happening.

my friend courtney’s pups all dressed up for christmas!

Winter break is so close but yet so far!  Actually, to be fair, the list of things separating me from winter break this year is probably the shortest it’s ever been…  Just a printmaking final, history of sexuality final, and term paper about resistance for gender, war, and genocide to go!  I finished carving up my piece of linoleum yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be done printing that by tonight… I drafted up the table of contents and production plan for my honor’s thesis.   That’s going to be a thing that happens next semester…  Good thing I love the goddard library.  It’s all happening.  This semester is finally coming to a close and it doesn’t feel real.

So to sidebar away from complaining about thesis and finals… In super-exciting news I have an internship next semester at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.  I was going to write about applying to it in an earlier post but I was too worried that if I did I would jinx myself.  I’ll be working in the Appointments Office and for the most part I’ll be filing and doing mundane intern work but I’ll along with that mundane work I’ll also be reviewing applications and recommendations to state positions.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve always wanted to work in the public sector so I’m really looking forward to getting some hands on experience in the field I’d like to end up in.  I’m really thankful that career services was able to hook me up with this internship.

Anyways, it’s back to blasting some radiohead and slayin’ these finals.  Check out the playlist I’ve been studying to:

my favorite 8tracks study playlist of 2012


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