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November 13, 2012


survival tips for those who are drowning in work

So during the past few weeks I have been crazy busy with work.  From practice LSATs to applying to internships to writing paper after paper after paper…. my mind feels so very fried.  OH and on top of all of this my ical decided to crash and scramble all of the events I scheduled on it so I had to get real old fashioned and buy a day planner. It took a few hours to then figure when everything was and write everything out again.  So needless to say it’s been difficult to manage some sanity.  Here’s a list of a few things that make crazy busy weeks a tad easier:

1)Make schedules and to-do lists: These two actions keep my life in order.  Schedules are important to keep in mind deadlines.  To-do list help me on daily tasks, plus it feels real good to cross stuff off of them.  Putting a mix of easy and hard tasks on to-do lists is also nice because then I can get a bunch of the smaller tasks done quickly and move onto the bigger tasks at hand.  This makes me feel successful starting from right from the beginning of the day.

2) Realize the amount of work you have, block out the amount of time for it:  so this seems straightforward enough.  Because of the amount of reading I have every week this is a pretty important tip though.  I usually need to block out significant amounts of hours throughout the week and weekend specifically for reading and writing papers.  Such is the life of a history major. sighhhhh.

3)Sleep: So maybe you fall a tad behind on homework and have a night when you can only sleep for 4 or 5 hours… That does not mean that you should be doing that every night.  At least from my experience, poor sleep patterns like that severely impact my work.  If you have a night when you have to stay up super late and then have to get up super early the next morning that’s probably fine, just make sure you can catch up the next night.  No one likes to deal with overtired grumpy people…

4) treat yo self: in my opinion the most important step.  If you’re going to slave away for 12 hours on a research paper, make sure to treat yo self.  Treat yourself to episodes of parks and rec and walks and friends and large uncle sams meatball calzones and froyo… okay well maybe that’s just my routine but find a few small ways to incorporate fun breaks into work-heavy days.  It makes them sooooo much more bearable and also provides a nice little reward system.

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  1. Eric
    Nov 13 2012

    Hm…what was number 3?

    3) Use a physical calendar instead of iCal?


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