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November 1, 2012


STAND at the Lincoln Memorial

One of the things I have loved about Clark the past four years is not only the great variety of opportunities that have been provided to me on campus but also the plethora of opportunities it has provided to me off campus.  A prime example of this was what I did last weekend when I was able to go to DC fo free.

Why was I in Washington DC?  I went down with a group I recently joined called STAND to a conference about sexual violence in Darfur.  STAND is an anti-genocide group that works towards raising awareness and money to help aid foreign conflicts all over the globe.  This conference was held at George Washington University and had a variety of speakers from student activists to the Special Envoy to Sudan Ambassador to even actress Maria Bello (she starred in Coyote Ugly.  crazy.)  The most powerful and moving part of the day however were the women who bravely shared their stories from their own experiences in Darfur.  I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to go to this conference, it was really thought provoking.  There’s also really no better way to get to know a group of people than a 10 hour road trip.  We had a lot of fun with plenty of dunkin doughnut stops and call me maybe jam seshes along the way.

So along with the conference, while I was in DC I was able to meet up with a bunch of my friends who I was abroad with last semester in Prague.  My friend Rachel who also studied abroad with me last semester and I stayed with my Prague-roommate Kathleen.  The first night in DC the whole group of us went and got Czech food at a restaurant called Bistro Boheme.  You really have no idea how incredible it was to finally get to guzzle down gulash.  It had been far too long!  They also had Pilsner Urquell on draft.  I might have ordered an extra order of dumplings… or two.  There are not nearly enough Czech restaurants in the United States.  The closest one to Worcester is in New York City so eating at Bistro Boheme was such a luxurious/ gluttonous/ wonderful experience for everyone in our group.

The only downside to last weekend was that we missed out on celebrating part 1 of Halloween at Clark.  Fortunately, like Stephanie talks about in her post Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year so there were festivities last night and there will be even more this weekend so I’m looking forward to that!  Wahoooo happy extended Halloween!

prague crew reunited and it feels sooooo good

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