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October 25, 2012

Journey to the land of Career Services


So senior year, for better or worse, has been a year of realization.  On the worse-side, of realization, I woke up the other day and realized, with some fear, I have not done a single internship during my last four years here.   On the better side, that quickly changed upon a visit to the Career Services office.

I have been putting off the whole internship thing for years now.  There have been so many opportunities to pursue internships all over the country and even internationally but I’ve always passed them up.  I feel a little foolish for saying this but I’ve always put off getting one because I’ve always thought of internships as such serious, job/future related things.  I just don’t want to grow up but the reality of the matter is that whether I want to or not I’m going to.   Before I dive into the whole law school thing I should probably make sure that I’m still into being a lawyer.

So, I was a little nervous going into this meeting mostly because I just felt a little lost and unsure of exactly what I wanted to get out of it.  I began this meeting by rambling to my career service counselor about possibly wanting some sort of internship either in the spring or summer loosely related to some sort of law and about a Clark alum I’d like to talk to again that I had met a few years ago.  This mystery alum a judge somewhere in Massachusetts and I unfortunately had lost her contact information somewhere along the line.  I was still hoping there was a small chance I could get in touch with her.  After going through all of that my counselor had me stop, take a breath, and then proceeded to show me all of the various resources I could access to find the internship of my wildest dreams.  My counselor quickly located the alum contact information I was looking for, helped me make some MAJOR updates to my resume, and really inspired me find an internship.  In less than an hour I walked out feeling really set and much less lost than the student that walked in.  What I felt most okay about was the fact that my counselor explained to me it was fine that I don’t have a bunch of internships under my belt already, it’s fine to start doing them now, and that I’m more on top of things than I thought I was.  Phew.

Here’s a link to the career services page, where there’s everything from help with interviews and cover letters to databases with thousands of internship and job opportunities for Clark students and alums.


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