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October 2, 2012

Senior Year Bucket List

I’m really into lists.  Top ten lists.  To do lists.  Wish lists.  Must download later lists.  If you followed my blog last year you might have noticed that I made a lot of bucket lists of things to do before I left a city or country that I visited.  I think it’s only fitting that as a senior here at Clark I make a bucket list of  the top things I want to do before I graduate.  Here it goes.

1) Check out Mechanics Hall- Mechanics Hall is known internationally as an “acoustical masterpiece.”  This beautiful concert hall is located right in downtown Worcester and I’ve been meaning to see a jazz concert there since my freshman year.

Mechanics Hall

2) Higgins Armory Museum- This is the only museum in the western hemisphere devoted to the history of armor.  Being the history nerd I am, I have to get there.  Plus I’m thinking I can score some free tickets because one of my best friends here actually has an internship there this semester.

3) Wormtown Brewery- This microbrewery is located just a block from my house and I haven’t picked up a growler yet.  Such a tragedy…

4) Central Rock Climbing Center- As the name says, this is a giant rock climbing center in Worcester.  When I’m feeling not so lazy I’d love to check this place out.



5) Finish my thesis- It’s a big undertaking and I’m already starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it.  I hope that I can get to the other side of this successfully.  The end of April is going to feel so great if I do.

6) Spontaneous trip 2012- so every fall me and a group of my friends play concert roulette and buy super last minute tickets to a random show.  Freshman year it was nosebleed seats for U2, sophomore year it was nosebleed seats for Lady Gaga, and junior year it was nosebleed seats for the wondrous musical duo of Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias.  This year I want to up the stakes a bit and maybe head to Montreal or something for a show.  Might have to make it a little less random to make it a really worthwhile haul.  Ooooh just looking into it now and Metric is playing there in November… this might just have to get settled.

I’ll be sure to keep you in the know about when I complete items on my senior year bucket list.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get through all of these tasks successfully!


Picture and facts about Mechanics Hall:

Pictures and facts about the Higgins Armory Museum:

Pictures of Central Rock:



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