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April 17, 2014

Two Weeks


Spree Day

In two weeks time many of you will be making one of the biggest decisions of your life thus far. In two weeks you could start a journal, plant a garden, learn how to knit, or, as in Dear Johnyou could fall in love. May 1st is soon, and so is your college acceptance deadline. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about hearing back from colleges. This is the final step – the decision. By now I am sure you have compared the academics, location,  extra curricular activities, retention rates, financial aid packages, dorms, diversity, etc. So then what is left? Which piece is the most important to you? What are you looking to get from your college experience?Perhaps it is academic rigor, a widespread range of majors and courses, or being close to a city and all of its resources. Do you want to join a particular club or get involved with community outreach? How about dorm life and, specifically, the freshman year experience. Do you want to graduate with the least debt possible? The majority of these questions have quantitative or qualitative answers that can easily be researched and found.

What I suggest you look at is all of the other stuff that may not be as obvious at first. I’m talking about the things that don’t have strict answers – things like the people and the culture. These things are what set all of your choices apart. After all, college is more than just a place to receive an education. It is the place where you can begin discovering who you are. It is the place where you have a chance to be exposed to a wide range of people from all different walks of life with varying viewpoints. You could meet your best friend or spouse within the next four years of your life. What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? So talk to these people. E-mail students, watch youtube videos, talk to professors, and visit the campuses if you get a chance. Another thing to consider is what kind of culture do you want to be a part of?

Suffice it to say, in two weeks you will be making a pretty big decision. Clark may or may not be the perfect place for you, and that is okay. Take a deep breath and look closely at all of your great options. Try to look at the other stuff. I chose Clark because it was a place where I could see myself living. I liked how everyone was so passionate about something. I also chose Clark because of the LEEP Scholar Program. I could not pass up such an amazing opportunity. Good luck making your decision!  

In two weeks you’ll be set. Your decision will have been made and you will be able to finish senior year in style. Two weeks is all it takes. In two weeks I will be preparing for my Organic Chemistry final. Yipee! I will have only six more days left at Clark with some of my best friends. It is definitely surreal, and I honestly cannot wrap my head around it. At least I have summer to look forward to. I’ll tell you more about my summer plans next week. Talk to you in a week, or two. :)

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