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April 8, 2014


My Bread & Butter

Although it may not be the end of the school year quite yet, it sure is getting close. I am still in awe that my freshman year has flown by so fast. Just yesterday I slipped in the rain running to Jonas Clark; I went home for Fall Break; and I celebrated Thanksgiving with some of my favorite Clarkies. But the truth is these things did not just happen yesterday. They are simply memories.

Looking back at some more recent memories, I have realized that the majority of the things I do are somehow linked to food. Take this past week for example. On Saturday I went to one of the many guaranteed programming events that Clarkies put on throughout the course of the entire school year. This particular event was called “Know Your Neighbor: A Community Showcase.” I had a great time to say the least. The night was filled with live music, spoken word, a silent auction, and Chipolte burritos! It was hosted by Clark Student Action for Refugees, one of the many clubs on campus, to raise funds to purchase books and build a library at Lutheran Social Services in Worcester.


On Sunday I had one of the best slices of strawberry shortcake that I have had in my entire life. Where was this delicacy? The answer is  Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery. It was refreshing to spend some time away from Clark with my friends. The cows seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as much as we were.IMG_2322 copyThe last big food adventure of the past week that remains etched in my mind is the waffle on a stick. Yesterday Dale and I went to the Straight Up Café after a short fifteen minute walk on Main Street. The café was one of those places where people leave their laptops, bags, and coats for long periods of time. It had a palpable charm, and I did not want to leave.


Waffle on a Stick filled with Berries

IMG_2326 copy

As the last day of school gets closer and closer, I am reminded of all of the fun things that I get to do as a college student in Worcester. How will my summer be different? or the same? I am sure of one thing. The things I do will definitely be linked with food.

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