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February 18, 2014

Snow and Scholars

Unlike Disney’s Princess Elsa, I am not “one with the wind and sky.” Recently Worcester has been hammered with snow first by winter storm Pax and now Rex. In total all of the snow has culminated into one and a half snow days in the past two weeks. I wonder if there will be another snow day this week in accordance with this recent trend? I am from New Jersey. Although I like to pretend that I am perfectly acquainted with snow, I must admit that I was not prepared for Worcester winters. In New Jersey the snow is very neat. In the past it has snowed while I slumbered. I get to wake up to a beautifully carpeted landscape dressed in a couple inches of white fluff. A day later, the snow has melted and everything appears to be back to normal.  In Worcester the white blanket lasts for what feels like forever. I can’t quite remember what the campus green looks like. Don’t get me wrong, snow is beautiful. It really adds something to winter and the overall atmosphere. I am simply not used to it and definitely still adjusting.


Clark in the Snow
Credit to Roei Shimony Class of 2017

This past weekend Clark had its first open house of 2014, in the snow. On Friday night I attended the Scholarship Dinner as a current LEEP Scholar. It was great to have the opportunity to talk to and get to know some of you prospective students who have been awarded the Presidential and/or Traina scholarships. Congratulations! It was also fun to imagine that some people of next year’s LEEP Scholars class were in the room. :) The food was delicious and a great contrast to the repetitiveness of cafeteria food. My favorite part of the evening was falling in love with Clark again. There was something magical in what the various speakers had to say. Clark is not like any other institution. In my opinion, what makes Clark unique is the people – the staff, the faculty, and the students. In my experience, the people at Clark see the bigger picture. They look at our world, challenge different things, and act to create a better future. The people at Clark are also passionate. I think Jeremy put it best in that one of the best “things about Clark is the intensity with which people care about stuff.” While listening to the student speakers I was reminded of this fabulously universal aspect of Clark. I remembered what I had seen in Clark a year ago sitting in Tilton Hall at the Scholarship Dinner.

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