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November 11, 2013

The Countdown Has Begun

T-minus 17 days. There are only 17 more days of classes left in my first semester of college Рapproximately 32 days total. Surreal does not even begin to describe my current state of mind. I only have 32 more days left to sleep in my room, walk across the green to grab some delicious Kosher food, contemplate using the elliptical at the fitness center, laugh with my friends until 3 in the  morning, admiringly walk past Sigmund Freud, read through my textbooks, write lab reports, etc. I suppose I can still do all of these things, but there are only 32 more days left of my current schedule and daily routine. In my opinion, there are 32 days left until my life completely changes, again. The countdown has begun. In 32 days I will be back home enjoying the warmer winter in New Jersey. What will I do? Well right now my plans are to see my friends from home as much as possible and to bake lots and lots of Christmas cookies. Until then, however, I still have 32 days left in my current life at Clark.

Just this morning I arose bright and early (by early I mean 7:30) to register for my classes for next semester. I was able to register as a sophomore, two days before my fellow freshman, due to IB credit that transferred over. In my case, I received credit for all of my higher level exams: biology, chemistry, and English. As the stroke of 8am neared, I could feel myself staring down the last couple of seconds. When it finally turned 8, it was as if a bell went off in my head. Being an eager beaver, I was well prepared with all of my course numbers and pin number neatly laid out in a word document for easy copy-and-paste use. I quickly managed to register for all of my top choice classes and found myself surprised in the ease of the process. When I had finished typing in all of the numbers, I was not entirely sure if I was really done. Fortunately, my labors had paid off and my schedule for next semester was made! My classes are essentially the same with the only difference being that I am taking English instead of Sociology. spring2014


Well this lovely schedule is what I have to look forward to when I come back after my last 32 days as a true freshman plus the days of winter break. I hope my second semester treats me as well as my first!

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