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November 4, 2013


Fateful Feelings in Fall

Do you ever wonder about the future and the powers of fate? I do. During this past week I found the concept of fate popping into my head more frequently than usual. To me fate encompasses destiny. It is the idea that everything is already planned out. It is knowing and truly believing that everything will happen the way it should. With this knowledge fate brings a sense of comfort but also a sense of eeriness as if your actions do not entirely matter.

Recently the idea of fate entered my mind when selecting my classes for next semester. As an intended biology or biochemistry major, three out of four of my classes are pretty much already locked in for next semester. For the most part these classes are an extension of what I am currently taking this semester. The classes are Intro to Biology II, Organic Chemistry I, and Calculus II. My fourth and final class for next semester is completely my choice, or so I thought. At the moment I am currently in the pre-med tract. I recently met with Dr. Thurlow, the pre-health advisor, to discuss the next four years of my life.  He was extremely insightful and I left the meeting with the essentially all of my classes planned out for the rest of my time at Clark. Looking at the paper containing the next four years of my life was definitely unnerving. My 4-year-plan. What is my fate? Am I in complete control or does it exist somewhere out there? On one hand I want to be steering my own ship, but on the other hand it is comforting to think that something exists out there. I certainly do not know what my future holds, and I would like to think that there are some things that are graciously out of my control.

For instance, at this time a year ago my life was being heavily impacted by major life choices. Hurricane Sandy had just ripped through my hometown leaving families, including mine, with a physical and emotional mess to clean up. I was also in the swing of the college application process submitting my early action applications. Looking back at last year I really do not know if it was fate, personal choice, or something entirely outside my realm of thought that brought me to where I am today. I do know, however, that if you had asked me last year what my life would be like in a year’s time I would have had no answer. I suppose the point of my personal anecdote is to say that maybe fate does have a strong presence in my life. As many of you have now entered the waiting games part of the college application process, my advice would be to remain calm. Once you press “submit” you have essentially done everything you possibly can. So put a smile on your face and hold your head up high because the best part is yet to come!

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Scenic Views of Worcester that make me think of Fate

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