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October 29, 2013


18 Hours in Maine

Ornate mansions, majestic ocean views, an arts district, and a historic Old Port – where can all of these enchanting things be found? The answer is none other than Portland, Maine, my roommate’s hometown. I had never been to Portland, or even Maine itself, until this past Saturday.

Saturday began plainly as any other Saturday has begun in the past. I lazily meandered my way to brunch around 11, worked out on the elliptical for an hour, and settled down at my desk to begin the daunting task of homework around 3. Shortly after beginning homework, Dale and I noticed that something was clearly upsetting my roommate Nicole. After some deliberation Dale and I came to the conclusion that Nicole was homesick and missing her family on her youngest sister’s 9th birthday. Dale and I quickly reasoned that a trip to Portland was absolutely necessary! The only thing standing in our way was Nicole herself. Seeing as the trip was the definition of “spur the moment,” I figured Dale and I should try to contact Nicole’s parents to inform them of our impending arrival. With another hour of sleuthing we were unsuccessful in finding the numbers of Nicole’s parents but did end up chatting with her grandmother. Not willing to face defeat, we realized that the only way to turn our plan into a reality was to talk to Nicole herself. Surprisingly Nicole was not as enthusiastic about the road trip on a whim idea as we were. With some encouragement and light threatening to go to Portland even without Nicole, we eventually found ourselves on the road, Portland-bound.

We finally arrived at Nicole’s home after approximately two and a half hours. Her family cried and smiled in bewilderment when we showed up at their front door. The visit was spectacular and filled with joyous laughs, games, and revelry.


Nicole with the Birthday Girl!

All in all I had a wonderful Saturday. I recognized a beauty in my life that I find most prominent at this time and stage of my youth. I have the freedom to drop everything and road trip to Portland with two of my greatest friends. I have a wide-eyed view of the world. I have the beautiful gift of embarking on my life with a clean slate. To me everything and anything is possible. Am I too idealistic? Maybe. But why not be starry-eyed while I still can be?

photo 2photo 1photo 3

Beautiful sights of Portland!

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  1. joan leclerc
    Oct 29 2013

    Never ever let anyone or anything remove the stars from your eyes! It is all in the palms of your hands – just BELIEVE it. You are such a great and true friend. I’m so glad you went to Portland impromtu. Your Granddad and I would just pick up and go when we lived in Europe and Africa and had some great adventures. Love you girl!
    Grandma Joan

  2. Tracy Chambers
    Nov 5 2013

    Thank you Julianne…Your visit made our day! So happy Nicole has such wonderful friends!


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