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October 12, 2013


Cirque du Soleil

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My schedule

I have yet to find a perfect way to balance work and fun. In many ways it is indeed a circus act. When I think back to my life in high school I remember effectively sticking to a set schedule. I would come home from school, eat a snack, do homework for ~3 hours, go to practice, and repeat. In high school I felt on. But college is not high school. My classes are spread throughout the day, and my time is really my own. Assignments are not collected or checked in the same way they were in high school. In some ways I am the only one who is accountable for me. It is up to me to juggle the different parts of my life. Hey, I guess being an adult is harder than it looks.

As I have said, I have not found my niche yet. Typically I study in my room or in some of the different study lounges available in Johnson-Sanford. I need to devise a plan of attack. In my circus, biology is my acrobatics act. It is familiar, fun, and awe-inspiring. It keeps me busy while reminding me of why I love science. Calculus is the juggling act of my circus. It is manipulating a system of math that may or may not actually exist out there. It is practical and realistic to keep all of the balls in the air but fragile too, with one wrong movement causing everything to come crashing down.  The magic show in my circus is chemistry. Is any of it actually real or is it simply clever deception? In reality chemistry always keeps me on my toes – questioning why and how. Sociology is like the contortionists of my circus. It is dramatic and flexible to all ideologies. It attempts to explain the various social constructs using a variety of viewpoints. Aside from my classes, the balancing act of my circus also consists of clowns, aka my wonderful friends, and, last but not least, animal acts, aka working out.

Among the myriad of acts in my circus, it is up to me to find a perfect time and place for all of them to be showcased. They all need to have their time in the spotlight. My plan of attack is to do just this – to carve out a time in my schedule for each and every one of my circus acts. For the next full week I will put my plan of attack into effect.

Looking back on things I suppose its good that I am taking all introductory classes. It is beneficial that I have heard of the majority of the material before. In my classes the material largely extends on the ideas that I have touched on before. By semi-knowing the material, I am able to focus on finding my balance and juggling the circus acts of Clark. Wish me luck!

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  1. Joan Leclerc
    Oct 19 2013

    You make my heart smile my very wise one. You’ll find your rhythm-you certainly are on the right track. Awareness is the first (big) step and you have that one. Love you bunches.
    Grandma Joan


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