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October 5, 2013


Around the World in 4 Days

Now that I am in college, time feels like a never-ending continuum. Rather than time feeling like distinct days, I find myself measuring time in long blobs which usually, hopefully correlate to weeks. My blobs of time are filled with eating, sleeping, classes, eating, friends, studying, and more eating. In this past blob of a week, instead of going around the world in 80 days, my roommate and I ventured (halfway) around the world in only 4 days! How could this possibly be? The answer is the Leadership for Change program. From Sunday through Tuesday my roommate and I hosted Louzanne, a student from the University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa. Image Louzanne is a sophomore majoring in communications, and this was her first time being in America. Louzanne told us that she enjoyed America, especially its sweets. Before arriving Louzanne had always pictured America as a glittering international superpower. She was surprised to find that America has its fair share of issues to. I guess its a smaller world than I would sometimes imagine.

Overall, Louzanne was a wonderful person. She absolutely loved running. She even represented South Africa at the International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championships in France in July. I was encouraged by her dedication to running. She woke up every day to run by 8 AM the latest. During the day the UFS students had a heavily packed schedule. They met with a number of different clubs and organizations on campus to learn how Clark incorporates diversity into our school. According to The Scarlet, Louzanne said, “The idea is to come to America and see how you guys handle issues such as diversity, social justice, gender, and sexual orientation. Then we’ll take that back to South Africa and implement it on our campuses as much as we can.” Hosting Louzanne was a fantastic experience. I am happy that Clark and the UFS gave Nicole and I the chance to do so. We even have the tentative opportunity to visit the UFS over the summer.

On Thursday I had my first official LEEP Center Advising meeting. Everyone in my group was either an intended biochemistry or biology major. We met our LEEP advisor and learned more about how our advisor will help us. From what I got out of the meeting, our LEEP advisor is there to help us coordinate our lives excluding the academic side of things. Our LEEP advisor is there to help us find internships, look for valuable summer opportunities, or even just to chat. I definitely look forward to learning more about LEEP advising.

On an entirely different note, campus is looking absolutely beautiful as the leaves change! …I cannot wait to see what New Jersey looks like this coming weekend over fall break :)


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  1. Dale
    Oct 5 2013

    Louzanne is making me feel bad about not going to the gym the last few days… :(


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