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September 19, 2013

Bon Appétit

I challenge you to find someone who does not enjoy food. Try it! Personally I like to think of myself as a self proclaimed “foodie,” and this past weekend I was in heaven. On Saturday my roommate and I ventured to the 7th Annual Shrewsbury Street College Shuffle.

photo 1


We purchased our buttons for admission ahead of time and grabbed the bus Clark provided to the event. I had never previously been to a food festival and I did not really know what to expect. I remember my roommate and I guffawing at the idea that we would be eating nonstop for three hours. To both of our surprises we really did eat for three hours.

We arrived at the festival at nearly the precise moment when it started. It was pretty barren at first so we decided to look at the different street vendors. There were numerous local vendors sporting free raffles and various representatives from larger companies giving away free stuff. As college kids, who does not love free stuff?

photo 5

Our Free Stuff!

photo 4

The Trio at Cafe Manzi’s

My roommate Nicole and I were sure to grab everything that we possibly could. It is safe to say that our mini-fridge has been restocked by the College Shuffle.After collecting our fair share of free items we started meandering our way down Shrewsbury Street walking in and out of restaurants. We sampled tacos, penne vodka, pasta salad, Sweedish meatballs, and more. My favorites were the sushi at 7 Nana and chicken sandwich at the Flying Rhino. Collectively, however, my roommate and I agreed that The Trio french toast at Cafe Manzi’s was literally out of this world. Could we have loved the french toast the most because it was a tasty treat after our furthest trek to a restaurant? …possibly…but it was delicious regardless. It’s safe to say that my roommate and I had a wonderful time sampling a number of the fabulous restaurants on Shrewsbury St., listening to some live entertainment, and getting some free stuff! (which I guess technically weren’t free because we had to pay for admission…oh’s still really cheap stuff) I hope I can go back during parent’s weekend!

While I definitely enjoyed the food at the College Shuffle, the food here at Clark is not too bad. In fact I have found my niche in the Kosher station. Don’t get me wrong the other food here is good too and I often find myself ordering the occasional sandwich, pizza, or pasta dish of the night, but there is something special about the Kosher food. From what I hear this year is the Kosher station’s inaugural year here at Clark. Some of their dishes include lamb moussaka with lemon orzo and glazed carrots, beef brisket with mashed potatoes and asparagus, and fish with rice and broccoli. My mom would be happy to know that I am actually eating my vegetables in college. I can’t wait to see my family this weekend and tell you all about it soon!

photo 2

at the Shrewsbury St College Shuffle

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