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September 8, 2013


Settling In…..Did I Really Say that?


Chipotle Run!

To my surprise I find myself truly “settling in.” In the past week I have crossed another thing off of my bucket list, had my first taste of New England weather, attended a science symposium, and written my first sociology paper….ever. Thanks to Labor Day, this week started off with a long 3-day weekend. My friends and I had a wonderful time using the extra day to get to know Worcester and one another a little better. The people that I have met here at Clark are funny, caring, and passionate. Everyone seems to have their own ‘thing.”

Before selecting Clark I attended the admitted students open house and stayed overnight at Bullock. My hosts were absolutely amazing! Over the summer I must have asked Melissa nearly a hundred questions. On Thursday we caught up at Annie’s for breakfast (cross that off the bucket list!). Believe the hype. Annie’s is fantastic. You should definitely make every effort to just slip it in to your visit! Aside from the food it was great to hear more about her summer and her first couple of weeks at campus. She told me about selecting her major and minor, biochemistry and management, and that she was meeting with a professor to research in a chemistry lab.

After about a solid week of lectures and reading, the assignments have started! My first in biology was to attend the Bumpus Symposium. The symposium featured graduate students‘ work in biology and was hosted at the Lasry Center for Bioscience. I enjoyed hearing about all of the research going on at Clark. One in particular that stood out to me focused on the dilution effect which states that there is a negative relationship between biodiversity and disease prevalence. I found this research interesting because it is controversial considering the fact that the majority of areas with emerging infectious diseases have high biodiversity. My assignment culminated in a short summary of one of the presentations.

I have also written my first ever college paper for my introduction to sociology class. Being my first ever college paper and sociology paper I knew that I would need a little help. I found myself at the Writing Center working with Ben Canner. The writing center was great and extremely helpful! He helped me with basic grammatical errors but also led me to think about my paper in an entirely different way. He made me question my thoughts and challenged me to think about the importance of each and every word that I selected. I know that I will definitely be back in the future.

Lastly, my first taste of New England weather came on Sunday when it was absolutely monsooning outside. When choosing Clark I was most hesitant of two things: 1) the weather and 2) the small fitness center. On Sunday I was plunged head first into number one. Let’s just say that I do not recommend running outside in flip flops. In my experience I found myself laughing on my butt at the base of Jonas Clark. Number two is also no longer important as the new fitness center is opening on Tuesday! Unfortunately, my excuse for not exercising has been voided :(


Waiting for the rain to stop….

This past week has been great. My feelings of homesickness and mourning my childhood have greatly subsided. I love my friends and am really starting to get psyched about my freshman year of college!

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  1. Dale
    Sep 10 2013

    Man, I do not look too happy in that picture. :)

  2. Jeremy Levine
    Sep 11 2013

    Chipotle. Annie’s. Yes. Favorites.


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