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August 24, 2013


To New Beginnings!

After a summer filled with babysitting and indelible memories with my friends, I officially started saying my bittersweet goodbyes on Friday. Personally I prefer the expression “Goodbye for now” or “See you in November!” Nevertheless, no matter what semantics I use, it is goodbye. It still seems surreal to me that in less than 12 hours my new life will have begun. I will be living in a dorm room nearly 230 miles away from my home and living with people whom I have never met. Undoubtedly college provides anxiety and surprise for newcomers, but it is also a time of wonder and excitement. I cannot wait to be living on my own, exploring the city of Worcester, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel like my life is being rejuvenated. It is my time to truly find out who I am and what I want to do with my life.

My life in boxes!

For the first semester I am excited to be taking biology, chemistry, and math. I am looking to change my final class during the add/drop period. I hope to join a number of outreach and social clubs and play in intramurals or club sports. Throughout high school I was an all-star cheerleader and involved in the school service club. I would love to continue fulfilling both of these passions of mine in college.

I have also made a first year bucket list of things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I cannot wait to get started!

Freshman Year Bucket List*

*Special thanks to Marisa Linehan!

•Eat at Annie’s

•Try Wholly Cannoli

•Eat at Peppercorn’s….at least once

•Take a picture with Freud

•Visit all of the dorms

•Find the hidden staircase in the library

•Adventure in the meandering hallways beneath the cafe

…to be continued…

Aside from talking about my bucket list and hopes for the year, I feel inclined to elaborate on why I chose Clark. Two sentences cannot possibly be enough to sum up one of the biggest decisions of my life. I graduated from Biotechnology High School. Throughout the college process “the name” was of utmost importance to my peers and I. I chose to visit Clark during my trip to a number of schools in the Northeast. My mother and I had read about Clark in “40 Colleges that Change Lives” and we were both convinced we had to experience the university in person. Clark was somewhere in the middle in the order of the schools we visited. My mom and I had been disappointed by the previous schools and found ourselves extremely happy with Clark. Our visit began with a message from the dean and continued on with a tour of the campus. From the moment we crossed Maywood Street I knew that I would apply to Clark. I could see myself at Clark. I imagined myself conducting research at the Lasry Center, grabbing a coffee at Acoustic Java, and studying at Goddard Library. After the tour we returned to the admissions building after everyone had left. A student there was kind enough to take time out of her day and talked with us for nearly an hour about the biology department, pre-health advising, and her overall experience.

I then returned to Clark in February for the Admitted Student Open House & my LEEP Scholars interview. I thoroughly enjoyed the open house and learned about viruses and the ethics involved in medical testing. I stayed overnight in Bullock Hall and found that I could really relate to the students. I envisioned myself finding my niche. The LEEP interview was actually one of my favorites. I found the questions compelling and the atmosphere not too intimidating. After receiving the call that I had been chosen as a LEEP Scholar I was absolutely overjoyed! As the weeks passed I knew I could not turn down such an amazing opportunity in Worcester. After all, I had had “that feeling.”

All in all, the people and atmosphere at Clark won me over. Now I find myself moving into Johnson-Sanford Hall tomorrow and starting the next four years of my life!




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  1. Nancy Murphy
    Aug 25 2013

    You’re are so awesome! Thanks for sharing- the best of luck to you!

  2. Anna Murphy
    Aug 26 2013

    Dear Jewels,
    Wow where has the time flown? We are as “New Englands” say just down the road. Wishing you much happiness on this first trip into the rest of your life. I know you are destined for good things. Remember the rules of chocolate pudding.

  3. Papa Bob
    Aug 27 2013

    You are a superb writer. Grandma and I wish you the best experience you can have. Studies are important but so are the relationships you will establish. Very, very proud of you Granddaughter. Love you.

  4. Julianne Murphy
    Aug 27 2013

    Thank you! Love you all!!


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