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January 19, 2014

Pants are Pants…!

All right… so I suppooose I owe you a blog, eh? I normally publish on Fridays… and it was in my schedule to and I just never got around to it. And honestly, after the snow today I’m kind of glad I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday.

Before I get into the culture shock that has been returning to Clark after an 8 month hiatus, I want to share with you the difference in weather!

This weekend my friend Tracy and Brenna both had their boyfriends visiting and I had the luck to get to take photos of both of the beautiful couples. I took photos of Tracy and Steven on Friday and Brenna and Ian today after I got off work at Goddard.

Tracy + Steven in front of Clark’s front gate (17-Jan-14)

Brenna + Ian in front of Higgins (18-Jan-14)

Notice a difference?

Yeah, the snow monster attacked Clark over the course of today. If it hadn’t made for such beautiful photos I would probably be more upset. I managed to make it through an entire 4 months in Europe without any snow only to come back to this. Oh well, you can only have so much luck, right?

Now back to the culture shock. I won’t go too in depth, I could probably talk for weeks about how much has changed since I left and all of the minor (first world) problems its caused me in the course of a week. Basically, I learned this week just how quickly things at a University change. Because when I left back in May 2013… meal swaps at the bistro included 1 main food item, and 2 snacks OR 1 snack and 1 drink. Now you have to get 1 meal item, 1 snack, and 1 drink. I used to just get water, so this change makes me very happy that I decided to get off the meal plan this semester and feed myself.

When I left I knew enough faces on campus (we aren’t exactly a large campus) that I could walk anywhere and recognise at least 10 people on my way along. Yeah… I don’t know anyone any more. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that plenty of people in the junior class have gone abroad this semester and that there’s a class of 600-something freshman I never had the chance to even start meeting, but it has certainly thrown me off.

I was in Paris with the Eiffel tower by my side on 7-Jan-14 and now I’m here.

At Goddard now the student assistants have to personally sign into the computers instead of there being a general library log-in. This one doesn’t matter to anyone else, I’m positive. And honestly it’s not that bad. It’s just different. It’s going to take me a bit to get used to it. And I might make my password less complicated because of how many times I have to sign in during any given shift.

Apparently there are tiny little fees here and there that didn’t exist when I left in May. While this is definitely obnoxious, it’s more expected than the other changes. Charges get changed at Universities all the time. While I’m definitely annoyed, I’ll survive.

Oh yeah… and the most important thing?

Pants are pants again!


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