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December 5, 2013


At Long Last

Steph having her first fish and chips in Norwich from one of the best places in town!

Hello again dear readers, has it already been a week? I’ve been travelling so much and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, so I barely know. We’re going to assume it has been for the sake of my sanity – because to be honest, I barely knew it was Thursday this morning.

I will admit to you unabashedly that I am using you as a very minor escape from what has become, and what will be, the absolute craziest week of my time studying abroad. To put it into perspective… I am leaving UEA in 9 days (8 really, because while it’s likely afternoon for most of you, it is evening for me) and between now and Tuesday I have to write 3 of the most brilliant papers I’ve ever written. Because here in the UK… papers are worth like 50% of your final grade.

My brain does not enjoy having this stress on top of trying to write about things that are completely outside of my subject of study.

Thank God for my sanity, my best friend from High School (Steph Kohl, you may remember her from last October when she visited me at Clark) made a last minute decision to fly from her abroad experience in Cambodia to see me in my last week here in the UK. Totally the best quick decision she ever made, in my humble opinion.

While her being here makes me want to do my work that much less, it also is giving me a reason to get it done in a timely manner. And who better to spend my minimal free time recharging from feverish essay writing than with her?

This is also a really important year for our friendship as we’ve now made it to 4 years as best friends, after meeting in Mrs Radis’s AP LA 11 class in our junior year. Since then, our ability to even one another out and be absolutely crazy with each other has amounted to one of the best friendships I’ve ever had.

So many people say that you will forget your High School friends when you graduate and that you make your best friends in college. I believed them before I graduated from Fairview, but since then I’ve instead realised that you make your best friends whenever and wherever you’re willing to put in the effort. I have 7 very good friends, I would even go so far as to say best friends, and of those, four are from High School.

I suppose what I’m saying is that though there are some beliefs that are forced on us about ourselves and the progression of our lives, that they’re not always true, and that often how things turn out are for the best. So for those of you who are in your senior years (of High School or University) remember that the most important thing about making and keeping friends is communication and understanding – so long as you can communicate with your friends and understand how your friends communicate, you’re setting yourself up for some amazing lifelong friendships.

Sorry if I sound kind of preachy, it’s just that I am elated to have had so many of my friendships last this long and to be this strong. Plus, seeing a friendly and familiar face like Steph’s has only improved my time here in the UK ten-fold. I only hope as much joy and friendship comes to everyone that reads this.

All my best! Have an amazing weekend, everyone.

We have a love for taking selfies with one another, it was one of the first things we did after heading to the campus pub to catch up! But how could we not? We’re so cute.

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  1. Kris Green
    Dec 5 2013

    So many true statements in this post! Your statement “…I’ve instead realised that you make your best friends whenever and wherever you’re willing to put in the effort” sent chills up my arms. So very true!

    Glad you are enjoying this amazing opportunity! In our global economy everyone should travel when they can. It opens the world like nothing else.

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