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November 1, 2013


That time I went to London, England

The group in front of St Paul’s

It’s been a dream of mine for the longest time to go to London and when I was applying to study abroad in Norwich, I’ll tell you honestly I wasn’t 100 per cent sure I would even get to London. I forgot about bus travel and the £50 train fare turned out to be kind of expensive when you change it into $$. So when UEA offered international students the chance to have an overnight trip to London for £167 (or something like that) my parents convinced me that was a good price.

DAY ONE: Starting on Saturday morning at 7.30 we boarded to bus to London at the main bus stop at UEA. We then sat on the bus for a good 3 or 4 hours before arriving to London where we… saw St Paul’s Cathedral, built by Wren. Walked to this beautiful church which was bombed and then turned into a lovely inter-city garden. Took the bus to Buckingham Palace. The Queen, sadly, wasn’t in. Then we hopped back on the bus for a tour around London – taking a trip through Victoria Street, named for the longest reigning monarch in England’s history – ending up at the British museum. We spent a few hours at the British museum where we saw some AMAZING artefacts ranging from the Rosetta stone to Ginger the mummy. It was amazing. After the British Museum we headed to the London Eye where we waited in line for a half hour. After a half hour we got to ride the London Eye for a half hour and got to see London for 20-miles. Thankfully the weather cleared up just in time and I got some AMAZING shots! After racing to get off the London Eye (because they don’t stop, they just keep moving) we ran down to the pier to get on the London Eye River Cruise and head towards the Tower of London and Tower bridge. Somewhere in there we also went to Convent Gardens for lunch. It was super cool.
After the Tower of London we walked to the Underground which we took all the way to Grenwich, where we stayed for the night in one of the swankiest chain hotels I’ve ever stayed in where we relaxed for an hour before exploring the town and finding the greatest pub for dinner. We hung out there for a while before going back to the hotel where I had the best nights sleep I’ve had since arriving.

Manoeuvring the Cutty Sark like a BAMF!

DAY TWO: We woke up early, got breakfast, climbed on the bus which drove us to the top of a veryvery tall hill where we then walked through a park before reaching an even taller hill (can you tell I don’t like climbing hills?) where we trudged our way to the Royal Observatory! Home of the Prime Meridian and one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen in my life.
Okayy, the climb was a little worth it.
We all got to stand on the Prime Meridian before heading down the hill – getting the best thigh workouts of our lives – to the Maritime museum. There we saw some super cool stuff that I wish I could explain, but it would take to long, before we exited and walked to the Cutty Sark and explored before lunch. The Cutty Sark was SUPER cool – fastest clipper and restored to its prior glory.
After the Cutty Sark we all piled on the bus again before heading to our 3-hour free-time, during which my new-found friends and I all went to the Tower of London. The Tower of London was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a tour that much. I could very easily spend a day there exploring.
And after the Tower of London, that was the end of the two-day tour and we had to take the Underground back to the bus. Possibly one of the best weekends of my life. I took over 900 photos and practically couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m in love with England and I can’t wait to come back.



Atop the Cutty Sark with my Hotel Roommate, Amelia and Malgo :)


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  1. Dixie
    Nov 1 2013

    I love your blog! Keep it coming..yes England is amazing!!! If you get a chance to travel to the Cotswolds or southern England (Stonehenge), please go. You are fairly close to Lavenham, home of the crooked man who walked a crooked mile… It is stunning!
    I had been to St Paul’s many times but never enjoyed it more than this summer when Demham and I climbed clear to the top, top of the dome! It was windy but amazing! We decided we didn’t need to do the Eye after that view. I’m so glad you liked the tower. I would love to time travel back to Medieval times!!6

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