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October 4, 2013

Where to Start

I’m really not quite sure where to start! Due to VPN (Virtual Private Network) issues I was unable to get onto my blog for the past couple of weeks.

So I think I’ll start with hellos?

Hello from Norwich, Norfolk, England!! (Which means I made it safely out of the flood-zone Colorado became right before I left)

It’s beautiful here. Green grass, blue skies, sun… the exact opposite of what everyone told me England would be. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t fallen in love at first sight.

This is a huge change from Clark. The campus is huge in comparison. I’m ashamed to say that poor planning on my part and the size of the campus has made me 5 minutes late to a couple of lectures so far. Things are at least 7 minutes from my flat. And that’s if I jog.

Clark doesn’t have much on campus by way of a ‘corner store’ sort of thing… UEA has (ON campus, not just nearby) a book store, post office, bank, pub, club, 2 coffee shops, and a grocery store. Oh, and there are (I think) 3 laundrettes.

It’s massive. And this is in addition to everything else that ‘normal’ universities have – a 4-story tall library… lecture halls… offices… after going to such a small University, it all seems terribly expansive.

I don’t want to go on for forever, because trust me, I could. There are hundreds of things I’ve experienced since arriving here, little things that are just different enough from the US to throw me off… and new products that I’m already going to miss when I fly back to Denver in January.

For now I’ll leave you with a basic list of differences I’ve discovered in language since arriving:

  • There are no majors instead you have a course – e.g. my ‘course’ at home would be Business Management, here I’m in the American Studies course
  • Classes are called modules. You heard me right… modules. I’m still confused as to what ‘class’ means here, because it always takes people a couple minutes when I call my classes, classes instead of modules (or lectures or seminars for specifics)
  • A jumper is a sweater and what we think of as a jumper is a play-suit…?

As always, I want to invite you to interact with me via twitter with the handle @JessaLGreen. I’ve been using the hashtag #StudyAbroad to detail my adventures here in real-time.


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