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September 13, 2013


I’ve never been good with good-bye

Really, you would think someone who has moved around as much as I have would be good at good-byes.


Turkish coffee! I couldn’t pour it, but oh-so-good :)

But if we’re being completely, 100% honest… I’m absolutely terrible with them.

I have no advice for those of you leaving home for the first time. It thought I would be good at it, that there would be no tears. There were. I imagined upon returning to Boulder and leaving it again, there would be no tears. There were. I would like to think there will be no tears upon my departure to the UK – there already have been.

It comes with the territory of wearing your heart on your sleeve, I think. It comes with the territory of loving and being loved. Because no matter how many times I say good-bye, it never hurts less. 

So here I am, with less than a week to say good-bye to the love of my life, my grand love affair: Boulder, Colorado.

Perhaps it’s a bit melodramatic of me, to say I love this state as much as I do, but I am going to be forthright with you about it; Boulder is filled with beauty and serenity. It is the place I returned to throughout my childhood, despite being constantly on the road and travelling with my family. I graduated High School in this state, learnt to drive, held down jobs, and met some of the most amazing people.

I know I am not saying good-bye for good. It never is, in fact, I already know when I’m coming home next. Still, that doesn’t make good-bye hurt any less.


Because I can’t make a normal face.


And yet, here we are at the bitter-sweet end again. I am about to embark on the next grand adventure, but before that, I need to end the most amazing summer holiday yet perfectly. And what better way to do that than to end it the way it began?


My summer holiday this year was awkwardly long. I left Clark on May 1st, and it is now mid-September… and I have yet to return to school. My best friend, Lili, was still in school when I arrived home in May, and she has now gone back to University in Denver for the semester.

One of the first things I did upon coming home this year was go to a Hookah bar in Denver with Lili for a school project. We got coffee, smoked hookah, talked, laughed, and honestly she set me up for what has become one of the best and most productive years of my life.

Since she’s returned to Denver, Boulder has become a much lonelier place. Emily is in school, Betsy is in school, my last day at Target was on Monday, my co-workers have all gone back to school… this leaves people very little time to spend with me (cue ‘awww’ track and self-pity).


So without Lili to brighten up Boulder, on Tuesday I made the trek down to her neck of the woods at the University of Denver. What else would we do but go out for (Turkish!!) coffee and some hookah at one of the local cafes?

It’s the perfect end to the perfect break.

So much has happened in the past couple of months:

I’ve worked over 500hours. I’ve made new friends. Done stupid things. Made mistakes. Stayed up late. Worked out. Bought a car. Laughed. Cried. Smiled. Danced….

It sounds cheesy and I don’t even care all that much – so let’s just slip it in for good measure - summer has come full circle now, and I’m even more in love with Colorado, my friends, and my life than I’ve ever been.

And so ends your sugary sweet dose of over-dramatic sentimentality for the day.





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  1. Liz Smtih
    Sep 15 2013

    That’s what happens when you live in Boulder! I remember my college-age daughter saying, “How can I find a more special or lovely place to go to college after having grown up in Boulder?” Must be true, as she is not far away today!

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