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April 25, 2013


Made it through hump day! Was in the library pretty much all day yesterday, from 4pm until 1am. It’s great fun, studying in the same place you work.

I have now been up since around 6.30am and completed my Marketing Management final exam. Here’s to hoping that it went well! I’m just glad it’s over with. I put in the time and effort, and now it’s up to ‘the fates’ (really my professor) for the grade. Thursdays have always been my busiest day, with three classes going from 9am until 5.30pm, and today is of course no exception.

However, despite how disgustingly busy my Thursdays have been every week for the entire semester, I like them. Because at LEAST tomorrow is Friday. And I only have class from 10 – 10.50 on Fridays. It’s practically an early weekend.

Of course, sitting here now I realise I will be awake well into Friday morning working on completing homework and already all I can think of is my bed and how comfortable it would be if I could just stop doing work and climb into it.

This is one of those nights where I am forced to ask myself if I reeeeally need to do everything. Of course, the answer is yes. I am just starting to get very sick of late night after late night after late night after late night… you get the picture.

But this is finals. The bags under everyone’s eyes have already doubled in size, the amount of people in the library and the AC is innumerable. Congratulations, Finals, on once again making campus crazy. And it isn’t even technically finals week yet!

At least my best friend Brenna is here freaking out along with me. Teamwork.


I really needed to get up for my 9am final this morning. I woke up even before the first alarm and just layed in bed and let them go off until 7.30 because I just did not want to move that much.


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