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March 16, 2013

The things I love

When writing blogs I’m never quite sure where to start, I feel as though I’m like everyone else in that I believe my life is fairly average and in being fairly average is also averagely boring. However, as of late, I have realised that in the event you are reading my blog we likely have something in common. Either you are looking to attend the University I attend,  are a Management major, enjoy the written word, or more often than not you also blog ( here’s looking at you Becca ).

So for this week’s installation I would like to talk about the things I love. They’re fairly mundane, and up until now I deemed them boring enough to not talk about.

I love my major. Management is my calling for so many different reasons. The first I could cite would be that I love Management enough it helped me to overcome my extreme dislike for math. I don’t love math now, but for the first time in my life I actually enjoyed my courses that required math because they were directly related to what I wanted to do with my life.
In my free time I like to read books like How your Best just got Better by Jason Womack and The New Geography of Jobs by Enrico Moretti, or even Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen. These are all texts not required by courses but rather books that I happened to pick up because I’m not only interested in my major, I love my major. I feel as though many people think that I am a Management major because I have big aspirations (granted, I do want to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company one day) or because I want to make money (again, CEO of a Fortune 500, they make $$$ right?).  Despite the fact that I would really like to be CEO of a Fortune 500 one day, and live comfortably throughout my life, I’m in this major because it makes me happy, because it excites me, and because it interests me. Waking up early for my 9am class when its Marketing Management or Strikes in America (shoutout to my advisor Gary Chaison who teaches that class) isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s worth it. If you ever want to talk about Management or related topics, please do! It’s one of my absolute favourite topics.

I love work. Seems pretty obvious after I wrote about how much I love my major and that my major kind of revolves around “work”, right? Well, I love work. I feel as though it gives me a more immediate purpose. Part of why I feel like my life is so uninteresting and boring at times though is that I spend a large percentage of my life and school career working. 20% of my weekend is taken up with work. From time to time as much as 17% of my entire week is taken up with work (not to mention schoolwork and extracurricular activities). I feel as though most people wouldn’t enjoy this, but I (obviously) love it. I am very much looking forward to working full time.

I love photography. In what free time I have on nice days I like to take photos. Aside from working out, it is one of the only ways in which I relax. It slows me down and helps me to focus on the beauty around me. I would say more, but instead I think I’ll just share some images and let them speak for themselves.

I love my friends. Out of everything I do, I tend to put my energy into these four things. I will always put my time, energy, and love into my friends, work, management, and photography. It is important for me to have relationships with the people that matter most to me and to make sure that they know that I need them and love them. All relationships take time and can be difficult to maintain, but when I’m spending time with my friends, I always manage to have a good time – even if it’s just studying in the library until it closes or watching the Hunger Games DVD for the umpteenth time. I write more about my friends than my other pursuits, and that makes sense, as relationships are the one thing which everyone can understand and relate to on some level. A smile, a laugh, a nudge. It’s the small things as well as the big things that make up good, strong relationships and that’s why I love my friends. Because they are all that and more.


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